5 factors to consider when purchasing a living room table

Posted on September 2nd, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

When you think of living room furniture, products like sofas and sectionals are likely the first thing that comes to mind. But your living room table is also a vital part of this popular room, so making sure you choose the right one is key to a beautiful, functional space. Visit our living room furniture store in Northern VA to find an amazing selection of furniture, including tables and much more. Read on for a list of 5 factors to consider when purchasing a living room table to find the one that’s right for you.

1. Size

When purchasing a living room table, start by determining what size you’ll need. Tables that are going on the side of sofas should be smaller (such as end or side tables), while those directly in front will need to be larger, like a full-size coffee table. You can also place a slender console table behind your sofa if you’re short on space. Measure the size of the tables you’re interested in and compare them to how they’ll fit in the rest of the room. If you have reclining living room chairs, always ensure the table has clearance, so the chair or sofa doesn’t hit it when it’s fully reclined.

2. Shape

Determine what shape you prefer when purchasing a living room table. Some are round or ovular in shape, others are square, and many living room tables are rectangular. Round coffee tables add a stylish element to the living room, while a square or rectangular table brings a classic aesthetic. If you have small children, round tables are a safer option since they help to prevent little ones from accidentally running into sharp corners.

3. Materials and Construction

At our living room furniture store in Northern VA, we specialize in selling quality products crafted of durable materials. Always look at the material of your table to confirm that it will stand up well to lots of wear and tear. Our American-made, Amish-made furniture is built to last, so you’ll have a beautiful table that will be enjoyed for years to come. Don’t compromise on your table’s quality since it will likely become a centerpiece and focal point of the space.

4. Functionality

Living room tables are a great way to add more functionality to your living room, and they’re more than just a place to set down your beverage. Look at how the table functions and seek products that give you versatility, such as an end table with extra drawers for storage. Stylish tables with open shelving provide you with an additional place to display some of your favorite items like framed pictures or small sculptures. A console or sofa table with a drawer gives you a spot to hide magazines or the remote control to keep your living space clutter-free.

5. Style

Finally, don’t forget to factor in the style of your new table. Whether it’s modern, contemporary, transitional, or classic, choose a table that complements the rest of your home’s interior design. Look for a beautiful table in a finish that coordinates with everything else in the room to give your home a beautiful, cohesive look.

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Top 3 reasons why you should always consider Amish furniture

Posted on September 1st, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

Buying new furniture for your home is a big investment, so it’s important to choose products that you know will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for high-quality pieces for your space, always keep Amish furniture in mind. At our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA, you’ll find a beautiful variety of furnishings for every room of your home. Before you start your furniture shopping adventure, read on for a list of the top 3 reasons why you should always consider adding Amish furniture to your list.

1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

The people who make Amish furniture follow traditional methods using hardwoods harvested from local forests, including products by names like the Yutzy Woodworking brand. Unlike imported furniture that uses chemicals and manufacturing methods that can be detrimental to the environment, Amish furniture is one of the most eco-friendly choices available. This furniture has an extremely low carbon footprint, and everything is made right here in the United States. Check out the beautiful selection of products from Daniels Amish brand that feature locally harvested woods from regional forests. This furniture also doesn’t use VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or factories that pollute the air and water. Each product is typically made by hand using safe, eco-friendly, time-tested methods that will provide you with some furniture you can feel good about using in your home.

2. Quality of Construction

Most mass-produced furniture isn’t usually built to last. However, buying Amish furniture ensures that you’ll have sturdy, high-quality pieces that you can pass down to future generations. Check out the line of products from the Gat Creek Amish brand and PALETTES BY WINESBURG. These brands are found at our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA, and they feature materials like beautiful hardwoods that are solid and durable. From a brand-new bed to a gorgeous coffee table, every single product is designed with quality and longevity in mind. This means you’ll get the absolute best return on your investment with every item you purchase.

3. Endless Variety

Some consumers think that Amish furniture only includes the basics, like dressers or cabinets. However, this furniture comes in all kinds of formats, sizes, and styles. You’ll find a wide array of beautiful options for your dining room, like sturdy tables, barstools, and chairs. Visit our store to discover new Amish furniture for your home office, like durable desks, beautiful bookcases, and comfortable desk chairs. The Yutzy Woodworking brand and Daniels Amish brand design gorgeous beds, dressers, and chests for your bedroom. You’ll also find sofas, loveseats, ottomans, and more that are made by these amazing brands for a product you can trust. Keep these three reasons in mind so that you can find beautiful, long-lasting products for your home that your entire family will cherish long into the future.

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How to choose the perfect living room sofa for your Northern Virginia home

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When it comes to home furnishings, the sofa is the focal point of your space. Before you choose a brand-new sofa for your home, visit our living room furniture store in Northern VA to discover a myriad of beautiful options. Buying a sofa is a big investment, so read on for a few tips that will show you how to choose the perfect living room sofa for your Northern Virginia home. With the right sofa, you’ll have a living space that you and your guests will love.

Start with Shape and Size

Whether it’s sofas or sectionals, you should always start by deciding which size will work best in your Northern Virginia living room. Measure the dimensions of your living room, then write the length and width down so you have the information handy. You can also create a template on the floor with some painter’s tape to give you an idea of which size sofa will fit without taking up too much room. Sofas with a chaise on one end extend outward but they also give you extra room to stretch out and relax. Always take size into account as you think about how to choose the perfect living room sofa. Remember that sectionals are much larger, so they’re a great option if you have a big living room with plenty of space. Sectionals are also great for large families or for people who enjoy having lots of guests over when they entertain.

How to Choose the Perfect Living Room Sofa: Define Your Style

Living room furniture comes in all kinds of styles, ranging from contemporary and modern to rustic, traditional, and transitional. Explore a variety of different sofas by visiting our living room furniture store in Northern VA so you can see them in person. Snap a photo of your living room so that you can visualize what the new sofa will look like in your home. Perhaps you love clean lines and tight upholstery, or maybe you prefer sofas with rolled arms and overstuffed cushions. It’s all about choosing the sofa that complements your personal interior design style as well as your lifestyle.

Remember that Quality Matters

Whether you’re shopping for living room chairs or a brand-new coffee table, quality should always be at the top of your mind. Choose sofas that have durable construction like a solid hardwood frame. Cushions should be soft and comfortable yet firm enough that they won’t sink or become dented over time. Pick sofas, living room chairs, or sectionals that are made by reputable brands. We offer sofas and much more from some of the country’s most respected brands. Regardless of the size or style, buying a quality piece of furniture is what really matters most. When you buy a sofa that’s beautiful to look at, crafted of quality materials, and comfortable, you’ve found the perfect sofa for you. Since 1980, Warehouse Showrooms has been the best place to find sofas, tables, bedroom furniture, and much more to make your Northern Virginia home better than ever.

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Why you should choose high quality amish bedroom furniture

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If you’re looking to update the furniture in your bedroom, quality is key. Amish bedroom furniture is crafted using time-tested methods and exceptionally durable materials, resulting in furniture that will stand the test of time. Visit our bedroom furniture store in Alexandria to find an array of amazing products from names like Daniels Amish brand, Yutzy Woodworking brand, and many more. Read on to learn why you should choose high-quality Amish furniture for your bedroom.

Solid Construction

Amish bedroom furniture is made using only locally harvested wood from the region, and it’s all located here in North America. This means that everything from beds to bedroom tables is crafted using solid wood and never any flimsy parts or cheap materials. Your bedroom furniture will be sturdy and won’t warp or fall apart over time. While many imported furnishings are made from materials like particle board, pieces from names like the Gat Creeks Amish brand and others use hardwoods exclusively. The result is a durable piece of furniture that you will be able to pass on to future generations.

Crafted by Hand

Your beautiful new Amish bedroom furniture isn’t made on a factory line. Instead, products from our bedroom furniture store are each lovingly, thoughtfully handmade by some of the best craftspeople in the country. Each piece you purchase is unique, which means that your bedroom chests, tables, and beds are one of a kind. You’ll have beautiful furniture that no one else will ever have. This adds even more value to your new furniture since it’s truly a special, one-of-a-kind item. Everything from custom finishes to your choice of wood is considered, which in turn gives you the chance to customize each one of your favorite pieces.

Beautiful Designs

Many people think that Amish bedroom furniture is boring or cookie cutter, but that’s just not true. Look for unique items from the Yutzy Woodworking brand that vary from Mission and shaker styles to coastal-inspired. Daniels Amish brand makes stunning bedroom chests that have bold styles and plenty of functionality to keep your bedroom organized. Products from Gat Creeks Amish brand come in a fabulous array of styles, like modern poster beds, storage beds, and bedroom tables in all kinds of silhouettes and finishes. With so many styles to choose from at our bedroom furniture store in Alexandria, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to enhance your sleeping space.

As you can see, buying high-quality Amish bedroom furniture is a wise investment. From the durability and commitment to quality to customizable options, the possibilities are endless. Stop by and visit our showroom today or browse our website to check out all of the latest styles. You’ll be thrilled to discover that this furniture doesn’t just look beautiful, but that it will also stand the test of time in your home for many years to come.

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Why Warehouse Showrooms has the best living room furniture in Arlington, VA

Posted on July 25th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

The living room furniture you purchase is a major investment, so it’s important to choose high-quality, stylish products that you’ll love. At Warehouse Showrooms, we have the best living room furniture in Arlington, VA to suit every style of home. No matter what you’re looking for, we offer a variety of beautiful, durable products that are built to stand the test of time. Read on to discover why Warehouse Showrooms is the absolute best place to purchase your new living room furniture in the Arlington, VA area and beyond.

Quality Amish Furniture

Whether you need new home office furniture like a desk or a new sofa for your living space, Amish furniture is an excellent choice. This American-made furniture is built by skilled craftspeople who use time-tested methods to make exceptionally durable furniture for your home. Not only is Amish furniture high in quality, but it’s also much more eco-friendly than imported furniture. You can also count on your new Amish furniture to become an heirloom piece that you’ll be able to pass on to future generations. Most of this solid wood furniture also comes in your choice of finish, allowing you to create a more customized look to suit your needs. Our large selection of Amish furniture is just one reason why we have the best living room furniture in the region.

Convenient Location and Professional Delivery

Warehouse Showrooms has the best living room furniture, and we also deliver it to a large area. Our deliveries can go from as far as Baltimore and Richmond to Annapolis and all the way to the mountains of Luray. If you happen to live near the beach or mountains, we can also deliver further away, too. It may cost you as little as $89 to have an entire house full of furniture delivered and installed, depending on where you live. In addition to our quality home office furniture and living room furniture, we also carry a beautiful selection of dining room furniture, too. If you prefer to visit our showroom, we’re conveniently located next to Interstates 395 and 495 and we’re just a few blocks away from the Edsall Road East exit off 395. Our showroom is less than a mile from the beltway, so it’s a breeze to stop by and browse our current inventory.

Custom Upholstery

If you really want your living room to stand out among the crowd, consider our custom options. Check out our website today, where you can design your very own custom living room furniture, including sofas, loveseats, and more. Simply start by choosing your favorite style, then select your preferred body fabric material and color. Next, select your pillow fabric to give your new furniture a unique touch. You can also choose your favorite welt and finish by giving your furniture a one-of-a-kind look. Best of all, you can save your progress as you go or create a few different custom pieces so you can compare them side by side before you make a decision. Visit Warehouse Showrooms today to discover why we’re the best place to buy your new living room furniture!

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How to choose the best dining room furniture in Alexandria, VA

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Your dining room is a place to gather, eat delicious food, and entertain. If you’re looking for the best dining room furniture in Alexandria, VA, be sure to visit Warehouse Showrooms today. Our dining room furniture store in Northern VA features a wide selection of high-quality products for this important room. If you live in Alexandria or the Northern Virginia area, read on to learn more about how you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best dining room furniture for your home and lifestyle.

Quality Craftsmanship

Part of choosing the best dining room furniture in Alexandria, VA is making sure that you select quality products built to last. Our dining room tables are made of solid hardwood and most products are Amish-made and crafted right here in the USA. That means you’ll get the highest quality dining room furniture available that not only looks beautiful but that’s also built to stand the test of time. Many of our brands offer your choice of wood type to ensure a custom look and exceptional durability. Some dining room tables also come in your preferred size, so that you can seat four, six, eight, or more people, depending on your needs and the size of your dining space.

Chairs Designed for Comfort and Style

The dining room table is a vital component of this room, but your dining room chairs are equally as important. As you think about how to find the best dining room furniture in Alexandria, VA, consider the way that your chairs are constructed. At our dining room furniture store in Northern VA, you’ll find a wide range of dining room chairs in a vast assortment of styles and finishes. Look for a new set of dining room chairs that have soft, comfortable cushions on the seat. Sturdy hardwood frames and legs make these dining room chairs dependable and made to withstand endless holiday meals, dinner parties, and family gatherings. If you prefer a dining chair with a solid wood seat, you can always add a cushion to create more comfort and to bring additional color into your dining room.

Storage that Creates a Showroom Feel

At Warehouse Showrooms, we also have a myriad of gorgeous dining room storage furniture. Shop for tall cabinets crafted of solid wood that will give you a place to store plates, silverware, table linens, glasses, and more. Try a corner cabinet if your dining room is small, so you’ll still get the storage and organization you need. A wide, tall cabinet with a hutch that includes glass doors is a wonderful way to display some of your most treasured heirlooms and dishware. You can also select a low-profile cabinet that’s completely made by hand to give you a subtle touch of warmth and functionality. No matter what you need, you’ll find the absolute best dining room furniture in Alexandria, VA at Warehouse Showrooms, so come and visit us today.

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Why Shopping at Warehouse Showrooms is the Best Way to Find Furniture in Alexandria, VA

Posted on June 19th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

If you’re looking for high-quality furniture for your home in Alexandria, VA, or the surrounding areas, make sure you stop by and visit Warehouse Showrooms today. When it comes to offering beautiful, quality furnishings, we’re the absolute best place in the entire region. From new home office furniture to comfortable sofas for your living room, we have something for every style and lifestyle. Read on to learn more about why we’re the best furniture store in Alexandria, so you can find the furniture of your dreams at a great price.

Quality Solid Wood Furniture

When it comes to quality, you can never go wrong with solid wood furniture. Whether it’s solid pine, oak, walnut, or cherry wood, this furniture is made of durable materials that are built to stand the test of time. If you’re looking for USA-made, Amish furniture, stop by and visit our furniture store in Alexandria today. We carry a huge selection of Amish furniture, including beautiful dining room furniture, bedroom pieces, and a whole lot more. Solid wood furniture is versatile, beautiful, and makes a wonderful investment. Not only does this furniture look attractive, but it also makes a wonderful piece of furniture you can pass on to future generations, too.

A Fantastic Variety

Warehouse Showrooms carries a myriad of designs, brands, and styles for every home. Look for new living room furniture, including comfortable sofas, beautiful bookcases, and home entertainment centers. We even carry a vast selection of outdoor furniture for your patio made by some of today’s best brands, including Polywood Furniture and more. Get ready for summertime with our amazing outdoor furniture to create a gorgeous patio area. As for dining room furniture, you’ll discover gorgeous tables made of solid wood that include leaves you can add to make the table larger as you need to. Grab a set of matching chairs or purchase a complete dining room furniture set to give your home a beautiful, coordinated look.

Custom Options are Available

Our furniture store in Alexandria carries a range of brands that offer you the option to customize. Go online and check out the Design Center, where you can start your customization journey today. You can pick out your favorite style, choose your preferred upholstery material and color, and add extra features like welting to create the ultimate sofa, chair, and more. You can even zoom in on your creation to get a closer look, then save it to your favorites. Share your custom furniture with your family and friends so that you can show off your design skills. You can also save your progress as you go or design as many different options as you want until you find the perfect combination. Come to Warehouse Showrooms today to find a beautiful selection of Amish furniture, customizable furniture, and a whole lot more.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Warehouse Showrooms for the Best Furniture in Arlington, VA

Posted on June 19th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

Whether you need dining room furniture or something new for your living room, Warehouse Showrooms has everything you need to create a beautiful home. We know that buying furniture is a big investment, and that’s why we’re proud to be the best furniture store in Arlington. Come and visit us today to discover a wide selection of quality solid wood furniture and much more. Read on for a list of five reasons why you should shop at Warehouse Showrooms for all of your furniture needs.

1. Quality Amish Furniture for Less

If you’ve been looking for Amish furniture, we have some of the best variety available in the Northern Virginia area. We offer discount furniture products made by many of the absolute best furniture makers in the United States. When you visit our furniture store in Arlington, you’ll be thrilled to discover a beautiful variety of Amish furniture including home office furniture like solid wood desks and much more.

2. Solid Wood Means Quality

Warehouse Showrooms specializes in solid wood furniture, which means that the products you buy from us are built to last. In fact, we are the leading discounter of American-made, solid wood furniture for the entire Washington, D.C. metropolitan and Northern Virginia area. Even the chairs, sofas, and sectionals we sell are made in the USA. That means every piece of furniture you buy was built right here in the USA by American workers who value producing a quality product.

3. Something for Everyone

When you visit our furniture store in Arlington, you’ll find something for every room, and for every style. Whether you need dining room furniture like a new table and chairs or a beautiful home entertainment center, we have it all here in our showroom and on our website. You can find beautiful living room furniture, including sleeper sofas, recliners, and sectionals. Check out our beautiful home office furniture, like new secretary desks, office chairs, file cabinets, and other durable products for your workspace.

4. Rock Solid Construction

The solid wood furniture and Amish furniture from Warehouse Showrooms are made with rock-solid manufacturing techniques. These skills have been passed down through many generations of talented craftsmen. Along with these techniques, the furniture is built using the strongest finishes available so that it stays durable and beautiful for years to come. Everything you buy from us will stand up to years of wear and tear and can be passed down to future generations, too. Only high-quality timber is used, featuring solid maple and oak, solid cherry wood, solid pine, solid quarter sawn white oak, and more.

5. Conveniently Located

Warehouse Showrooms is conveniently located next to 395 and 495 and we’re just three blocks from the Edsall Road East exit off 395 and less than a mile from the beltway. Not only are we conveniently located, but we will also deliver to a large area that covers from Baltimore, Maryland to Richmond, Virginia and from Annapolis to Luray. Come and visit us today to find beautiful, durable solid wood furniture for your home!

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7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Relaxing Haven

Posted on May 7th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

Your bedroom is the place to go when you want to rest, relax, and unwind. If you’re looking for some new ideas to transform this space, we have some tips to help you give your bedroom a refresh. Be sure to visit our bedroom furniture store in Alexandria to discover all of the newest offerings. Read on for seven ways you can make your sleeping space a peaceful, relaxing haven you’ll love.

1. Update Your Bedding

One of the easiest ways to elevate this room without buying new bedroom furniture is to upgrade your bedding. Add a new set of soft sheets, a beautiful comforter, and a stylish quilt to layer textures. Top beds with fluffy pillows and a few accent pillows to turn your bed into a totally comfy and relaxing spot.

2. Revamp Bedroom Tables

Accent tables and nightstands add functionality and convenience to your bedroom. Give bedroom tables an update with a new design from our bedroom furniture store in Alexandria. A solid wood table adds warmth and an inviting aesthetic to any style sleeping space.

3. Bring in a Comfy Bench

Bedroom benches will instantly make your bedroom more relaxing. Place a nice bench at the foot of your bed for a comfy place to sit down and take a rest. Upholstered bedroom benches are the best way to create a comfortable and restful haven. If you need more space to store items, try storage bedroom benches with drawers or cubbies that hold bins for shoes, extra blankets, and more.

4. Prioritize Storage

Extra clothes, pairs of shoes, and bedding can turn your bedroom into a messy, cluttered space. Bring in bedroom chests to hold onto your favorite outfits and to keep everything in order. A beautiful chest is a great piece of bedroom furniture that keeps the room organized and makes for a wonderful item you can pass down to future generations.

5. Consider a Tall Cabinet

Similar to chests, bedroom cabinets are a great way to keep your clothes organized. This storage furniture is taller than chests and typically has a place where you can hang items like dresses, suits, and coats. Shop for new bedroom cabinets to give your space a beautiful piece of furniture that isn’t just nice to look at, but also highly functional, too.

6. Add More Texture

If you really want to turn your bedroom into a relaxing haven, layer some textures. A soft, colorful area rug is a great way to give this room a warm, welcoming feel. Put velvet window panels over your windows instead of blinds or try a woven basket that can be nestled into a corner to hold onto blankets and more.

7. Soften the Lighting

Lighting that’s too bright can make your bedroom feel harsh. Consider changing your current lighting to something a bit dimmer or muted. You can also install a dimmer switch to give you more control over how bright the bedroom is. Wall sconces and table lamps are other great additions to create a relaxing bedroom.

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5 Tips for Creating a Living Room That Looks Cozy and Welcoming

Posted on May 7th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

Whether you enjoy watching TV or entertaining guests, your living room should be a comfy and relaxing space. If you need some helpful living room tips to make this part of your home cozy and welcoming, we have some ideas for you. Don’t forget to visit our living room furniture store in Alexandria to discover the newest products and trends in furnishings. Here are five tips to help you create a wonderful living space that’s cozy, welcoming, and warm all year round.

1. Expand Your Seating with Sectionals

If you want to add more room to stretch out and relax, sectionals are one of the best living room tips when it comes to furniture. A sectional is similar to a sofa in terms of the overall design, but it’s much larger and takes up more space. Look for reclining sectionals that will make relaxing in your living room even better. Whether it’s an L-shaped sectional or curved, this furniture is a must-have if you love to have lots of guests over to spend time in your home. Whether you buy a new sofa or you’re looking for sectionals, always make sure that they have the features you need. Thick, supportive cushioning on the arms, seat, and back will ensure that this furniture transforms your living room into a cozy, welcoming place for your family and guests alike.

2. Use Accent Furniture for More Versatility

If you have a small living room, adding accent furniture will make it a lot more welcoming. Try a comfortable upholstered ottoman that can easily work as extras seating and a place to prop up your feet. Cozy and comfortable benches are another smart addition to any living space. Both of these accent furnishings are versatile, stylish, compact, and easy to move around as needed. The more functional your furniture is, the more you’ll enjoy spending time in the living room.

3. Living Room Tips: Dress up Your Furniture

Whether it’s a sofa or a pair of reclining chairs, you can make this room cozier by adding some textiles. Toss a thick, warm throw blanket on your sofa to create layers of softness and warmth. Add decorative throw pillows to your chairs and sofa to bring a pop of color into the room. Accent pillows are stylish, fun to decorate with, and they add another layer of comfort to any piece of furniture, too.

4. Try a Loveseat

Loveseats will provide comfortable seating for two people in your living room. This furniture is a great way to create a cozy conversation area in the living room. Simply place your sofa facing the TV or fireplace, then add a coffee table in front of it. Use loveseats to flank the ends of your sofa to design a welcoming, intimate layout. You can also add one chair to one side of the sofa, and a loveseat on the other.

5. Add Accessories

A few fun accessories will help make your living room transformation complete. Place a large, soft area rug underneath your sofa and coffee table to give the room a cozy feel. You can also make this room more welcoming with soft window curtains, woven baskets, and wall art for a pop of personality.

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