Solid Wood Furniture Shopping Tips

Posted on March 17th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

When it comes to quality furniture, you can’t go wrong with products made of solid wood. If you’re looking for solid wood furniture for sale, be sure to visit our showroom or browse our website to discover all of the latest products for your home. Here are a few helpful solid wood furniture shopping tips, so you can find the perfect furniture for your needs and lifestyle.

Know Your Wood Furniture Types

One of the most important solid wood furniture shopping tips is to be aware of the different types of wood furniture categories. Solid wood furniture is the best choice, followed by veneers, then particle board, also known as composite wood. While solid wood furniture manufacturers charge more for their products, it’s because everything they make is crafted of better quality using more durable materials. Veneer furniture looks beautiful, but it isn’t quite as durable due to a cheaper core that lies underneath the beautiful surface. Particleboard and composite wood aren’t even close to solid wood. This furniture is made using a combination of plastics, resin, and wood pulp that may look nice, but definitely won’t last as long as solid wood furniture will.

Solid Wood Furniture Shopping Tips: All About Construction

How your furniture is made also determines the quality. When you buy solid wood furniture online, you won’t be able to “test out” your furniture and see how it feels. If you’re able, visit our solid wood furniture store in person, so you can actually see and feel the way your furniture is made. Pull all cabinet doors and drawers open and see how they feel. If the drawers pull all the way out, latch correctly, and shut evenly, then your furniture is made correctly. Doors should remain in an open position until you’re ready to close them. Handles and knobs should fit tightly without wiggling or turning. Another key component of quality solid wood furniture is the use of joining at ends and corners. Look for nails or glue, which isn’t as desirable as solid wood furniture made using wood joinery.

Don’t Forget the Finish

Another plus to buying products from our solid wood furniture store is that many items are customizable. You can choose your favorite finish to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look in your home. Be sure to ask about our customizable products to help you create a unique aesthetic. Many Amish furniture brands offer a range of beautiful wood types and finishes to choose from. This allows you to create furniture that will work with your décor, and that you know you’ll love for years to come. We also offer custom upholstered furniture for some products, too. Stop by and visit our solid wood furniture store today and get ready to discover the many benefits of this beautiful, durable furniture for your home.

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