Exploring the Craftsmanship Behind Gat Creek Furniture

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Welcome to an in-depth journey into the world of Gat Creek furniture, where tradition meets innovation in the realm of woodworking. In this exploration, we delve into the various facets that make Gat Creek a distinguished name in the furniture industry.

The Heritage of Gat Creek

Nestled in the heart of West Virginia, Gat Creek furniture has a rich history that is deeply intertwined with the American woodworking tradition. Established with a passion for craftsmanship, Gat Creek has been creating exquisite furniture pieces for decades, each telling its own unique story.

The Gat Creek journey began with an unwavering commitment to quality and a deep respect for the woodworking craft. From selecting the finest woods to employing time-honored techniques, every step in the making of Gat Creek furniture is a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence. The artisans who craft these pieces are not just workers; they are custodians of a legacy that continues to thrive through their skilled hands.

The Art of Selecting Wood

One of the secrets behind the appeal of Gat Creek furniture lies in the meticulous selection of wood. The brand is renowned for using only the highest quality, sustainably sourced hardwoods, such as cherry, maple, and ash. Whether it is a cherry wood coffee table or a natural wood dresser, this commitment to sustainability is not just a trend but a cornerstone of their philosophy.

The process of selecting wood for Gat Creek furniture is an art in itself. Each piece of lumber is carefully inspected to ensure it meets the brand’s high standards. Factors like grain pattern, color, and strength are all taken into consideration. This rigorous selection process ensures that each piece of furniture is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.

The Craftsmanship Process

The craftsmanship process at Gat Creek is where the magic happens. Skilled artisans, with years of experience, bring each piece of furniture to life. Employing both traditional and modern techniques, these craftsmen ensure that every curve, joint, and finish is executed with precision.

One of the remarkable aspects of Gat Creek’s craftsmanship is the attention to detail. Whether it’s the smooth glide of a drawer or the seamless joinery of a table, every element is crafted with care. This meticulous approach to craftsmanship not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the furniture but also its functionality and longevity.

Innovations in Design

Gat Creek furniture is not just about preserving tradition; it’s also about embracing innovation. The design team at Gat Creek is constantly exploring new styles, techniques, and materials to keep their collections fresh and relevant.

This fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design has resulted in some truly unique pieces of furniture. Gat Creek’s ability to adapt and evolve while maintaining the integrity of their craftsmanship is what sets them apart in the industry. Their designs range from classic to modern, ensuring that there is something for every taste and interior design style.

The Gat Creek Experience

Owning a piece of Gat Creek furniture is more than just acquiring a piece of furniture; it’s an experience. Each piece tells a story of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality. It’s about bringing a piece of American heritage into your home.

Customers often speak of the warmth and character that Gat Creek furniture adds to their spaces. There’s a sense of connection to the artisans and their craft that makes each piece special. Moreover, Gat Creek’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that each piece of furniture is not just a purchase but an investment in quality and beauty.

Find Gat Creek Furniture for Your Virginia Home

The world of Gat Creek furniture is a blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation. From the careful selection of wood to the skilled hands of the artisans, every step in the creation of Gat Creek furniture is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence. 

Gat Creek’s Amish brand makes a variety of solid wood furniture for the dining room, bedroom, and living room. Located in West Virginia, this Amish made furniture brand uses sustainably harvested wood from the Appalachian Forest. Each piece of furniture is individually signed and dated by the artisan who builds it. Then, it’s hand-finished in a process designed to bring out the wood’s natural beauty. This company creates stunning furniture that will last for many years in your home.

At Warehouse Showrooms, we carry the most complete selection of high-quality Amish furniture in the Washington, D.C. metro area. With endless styles, colors, and finishes, you can find the perfect blanket chest for your living or bedroom space.

Start today by browsing our Gat Creek Furniture collection or visit our store at 5641-K General Washington Dr in Alexandria, VA. 

We proudly service the Arlington, Alexandria, Burke, Fairfax, Springfield, and Northern areas of Virginia, as well as the Washington, DC and Maryland region.

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What kind of amish furniture can I get for my living room?

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Amish furniture is not only beautiful but also built by skilled craftspeople using quality hardwood and other exceptional materials. If you’re wondering what kind of Amish furniture can I get for my living room, we have plenty of amazing suggestions. Be sure to stop by and visit our living room furniture store in Northern VA to discover a variety of beautiful products made by some of today’s most prolific Amish furniture brands. Read on to learn more about what you can find for your own living space to make it more beautiful and functional.

Living Room Chairs and Seating

While most sofas, loveseats, and sectionals are made by modern manufacturers, many Amish brands also make loveseats and comfortable living room chairs. When you ask what kind of Amish furniture can I get for my living room, remember to look for beautiful products like classic rocking chairs. This furniture is designed to bring a timeless look to your space along with exceptional comfort and an inviting vibe. Brands like Gat Creek make beautiful living room chairs, including a stunning rocking chair that is a careful reproduction of the same chairs found sitting in the Baltimore railroad station.

Benches and Ottomans

Benches and ottomans add style and versatility to any living space. Many Amish furniture brands have a variety of options to choose from, including the line of stunning benches from Yutzy Woodworking. These gorgeous benches are carefully crafted and include a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to choose from. Try a gorgeous upholstered bench in your living space to provide your guests with a durable, comfortable place to sit back and relax. Storage benches and ottomans give you a place to stash items away to keep your living room neat and tidy. Use this living room furniture to make your home feel more welcome, warm, and inviting while also keeping things organized.

Cabinets and Living Room Tables

As you ponder what kind of Amish furniture can I get for my living room, you shouldn’t forget the variety of beautiful cabinets. This furniture is a classic Amish staple, and it’s perfect for keeping things organized while also adding a classic look to your aesthetic. Many cabinets are crafted using solid hardwood, and they’re also often finished by hand to give each one a unique, personal look. Living room tables include coffee tables, end tables, and console tables as well as TV stands. All living room tables are made using local wood species, and many of the products from our living room furniture store in Northern VA are also customizable. Simply choose your favorite wood type and finish, and get ready to enjoy a gorgeous piece of furniture that reflects your personal style. Try a large cocktail table with drawers for storage, or gather around a beautifully made solid wood coffee table in a smooth, oval silhouette.

Now that you know which pieces of living room furniture you can get made by Amish furniture brands, it’s easy to find pieces that will last for years in your home. Come and visit us today to discover a wide array of Amish furniture and much more.

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The benefits of Amish furniture for your home

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Whether you need new furniture for your bedroom, living room, or dining space, there’s nothing quite like the quality of real Amish furniture. Visit our incredible Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA to discover a variety of products from some of today’s best Amish brands. Before you make the investment, read on to discover a few of the many benefits of choosing this furniture for your home.

Quality Materials

Almost all Amish furniture is made using durable hardwoods. Most are locally sourced from nearby forests, which means that the furniture is also sustainable, too. Unlike imported furniture that’s typically made of cheaper or synthetic materials, products from names like Daniels Amish brand are crafted of real, solid wood. Wood is not only beautiful, but it’s also exceptionally hearty and sturdy. This means that every item you buy from our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA that’s Amish-made will become an heirloom piece you can pass on to future generations. Outdoor products by names like Polywood Furniture are made of durable, recycled materials that are also made to last.

Incredible Craftsmanship

When you purchase items from Yutzy Woodworking brand or Gat Creek Amish brand, you get unique items made using a time-tested tradition of skilled craftsmanship. From the way that drawers are joined together to the seams of upholstery, this furniture is made by experienced, skilled craftspeople who understand the value of hard work. No detail is overlooked, and every item that is sold to the customer is made with great care and attention to detail. The methods to make this furniture have been passed down through the generations. And while the styles may change with the times, the methods to make this beautiful furniture remain generally the same. The result is that every item you purchase is not only beautiful to look at, but also made to stand the test of time.

Beautiful Designs and Finishes

Many people think that all Amish furniture is just made of brown-colored wood. However, there are plenty of gorgeous designs and styles to choose from. Look for products from brands like Best Home Furnishings, a leader in Amish upholstered furniture. You’ll find everything from comfortable accent chairs and stylish ottomans to recliners, sofas, and stools. The variety of fabric colors and patterns is incredible, and you can also choose custom options for other features, including the wood finish for the legs and much more. This means that you’re able to create your very own custom furniture for a style that suits your preferred interior design.

American Made

The products from our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA are made right here in the United States. This means that every product we sell is built and made under much stricter guidelines and rules than the ones imported from overseas. Not only is the furniture more reliable and much safer, but it’s also much more eco-friendly. Your furniture doesn’t need to travel long distances, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint. American-made, Amish furniture also supports families and workers right here at home, making it the best choice for your home, too.

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Why is amish furniture so high quality?

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If you’re looking for the highest quality furniture available, you can’t go wrong with durable, beautifully made Amish Furniture. Visit our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA today to discover a wide range of products from some of the best Amish brands in the nation. You’ll discover beautiful products from Gat Creek Amish brand, the Yutzy Woodworking Brand, Daniels Amish brand, and many more. Read on to learn why this furniture is so high quality, so you can make a smart investment in your home.

Time-Tested Traditions

Amish Furniture is made by some of the most skilled craftspeople who have been using time-tested methods for years. Whether you’re looking for Amish beds or new Amish chests and dressers, you can rely on the durability of everything you buy. Instead of using cheaper manufacturing methods like many imported brands, this furniture is all made by hand. Everything is crafted with the utmost care and with incredible attention to detail. Each drawer is put together carefully, and every panel is attached using traditional methods that have stood the test of time. When you buy products from brands like Rowe or Daniels Amish brand, you’ll know that you’re getting furniture you can pass down to future generations. Fill your home with Amish beds and Amish cabinets, and you’ll enjoy attractive furniture that’s made with love and care.

The Highest Quality Materials

Perhaps the most important reason why Amish furniture is so high quality is that it’s made from the finest hardwoods available. These woods have greater density than plywood or MDF, which means that each piece of furniture you buy is built to last. Mass-produced furniture usually features lighter weight, and weaker materials. This also means that you’ll probably get fewer finish options, too. When you buy furniture made by Amish brands, every item features real wood construction that comes from local forests. Look for beautiful Amish cabinets and other pieces made of red oak, cherry, or maple wood. You’ll also find walnut, hickory, and white oak for many products, too.

Using solid hardwood ensures that your new furniture will become a staple piece in your home not just for years, but for future generations to come. Many brands also offer the ability to customize, so you can choose your preferred wood species and finish to get exactly what you want. Woods like red oak are strong and easy to work with, and this wood features an attractive reddish-brown color. White oak has more of a golden brown hue with a fine grain, and maple has cherry-like look that adds a warm richness to it. From cherry and walnut to varieties of oak and maple, all of this furniture is crafted of the highest quality woods available. This means you’ll get stunning products that will last for years in your home. If you’re ready to make an investment in quality products, be sure to visit our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA today to find something new for your living room, bedroom, dining room, and more.

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Top 3 reasons why you should always consider Amish furniture

Posted on September 1st, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

Buying new furniture for your home is a big investment, so it’s important to choose products that you know will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for high-quality pieces for your space, always keep Amish furniture in mind. At our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA, you’ll find a beautiful variety of furnishings for every room of your home. Before you start your furniture shopping adventure, read on for a list of the top 3 reasons why you should always consider adding Amish furniture to your list.

1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

The people who make Amish furniture follow traditional methods using hardwoods harvested from local forests, including products by names like the Yutzy Woodworking brand. Unlike imported furniture that uses chemicals and manufacturing methods that can be detrimental to the environment, Amish furniture is one of the most eco-friendly choices available. This furniture has an extremely low carbon footprint, and everything is made right here in the United States. Check out the beautiful selection of products from Daniels Amish brand that feature locally harvested woods from regional forests. This furniture also doesn’t use VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or factories that pollute the air and water. Each product is typically made by hand using safe, eco-friendly, time-tested methods that will provide you with some furniture you can feel good about using in your home.

2. Quality of Construction

Most mass-produced furniture isn’t usually built to last. However, buying Amish furniture ensures that you’ll have sturdy, high-quality pieces that you can pass down to future generations. Check out the line of products from the Gat Creek Amish brand and PALETTES BY WINESBURG. These brands are found at our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA, and they feature materials like beautiful hardwoods that are solid and durable. From a brand-new bed to a gorgeous coffee table, every single product is designed with quality and longevity in mind. This means you’ll get the absolute best return on your investment with every item you purchase.

3. Endless Variety

Some consumers think that Amish furniture only includes the basics, like dressers or cabinets. However, this furniture comes in all kinds of formats, sizes, and styles. You’ll find a wide array of beautiful options for your dining room, like sturdy tables, barstools, and chairs. Visit our store to discover new Amish furniture for your home office, like durable desks, beautiful bookcases, and comfortable desk chairs. The Yutzy Woodworking brand and Daniels Amish brand design gorgeous beds, dressers, and chests for your bedroom. You’ll also find sofas, loveseats, ottomans, and more that are made by these amazing brands for a product you can trust. Keep these three reasons in mind so that you can find beautiful, long-lasting products for your home that your entire family will cherish long into the future.

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8 Ways to Decorate with Amish Furniture

Posted on March 10th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

Amish furniture combines time-tested tradition with high-quality materials to make beautiful products for your home. Visit our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA to discover a wide range of styles, products, and amazing brands. If you need help picking out the perfect pieces for your space, read on for a list of 8 ways to decorate with Amish furniture to help you get inspired.

1. Get Beautiful Bedroom Storage with Cabinets

The first of our 8 ways to decorate with Amish furniture includes using stunning storage cabinets to keep clothing and accessories organized. These beautiful cabinets at our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA are crafted of the finest hardwoods. Both durable and beautiful to look at, a cabinet from Daniels Amish brand will stand the test of time. Try a tall armoire cabinet in your bedroom to expand your storage space while giving the room a warm, inviting touch.

2. Give Your Bedroom a Makeover with an Amish Bed

A brand-new bed can instantly transform your bedroom and make it look brand new. Shop for a beautiful bed from the Gat Creek Amish brand, featuring breathtaking designs and quality construction. This brand makes a wide range of beds to suit every style. Whether you choose a sturdy platform bed or a classic slat style, you can trust your bed from Gat Creek Amish brand to last for years to come. Top your new bed with a beautiful new blanket or quilt to add a pop of color to the room.

3. Elevate Your Dining Space with Beautiful Tables

Not only are Amish-made dining tables beautiful, but they’re extremely sturdy. Choose a new dining room table construction of solid wood with an extension leaf to give you more elbow room. These tables are extremely versatile and make entertaining at home a wonderful event.

4. Bring in New Dining Chairs for a Fresh Look

Shop for Amish brand dining chairs to go with your new table for a cohesive, streamlined look. These gorgeous chairs are extremely comfortable and sturdy enough to handle endless meals and dinner parties. Pick out a set of chairs with a soft, upholstered cushion for maximum comfort and style.

5. Brighten up Your Space with a Mirror

Another of our 8 ways to decorate with Amish furniture includes adding a mirror to your bedroom, office, dining room, or living room. Amish brand mirrors are made using durable hardwood frames that can be finished in your choice of color for a perfect match. Mirrors make any room look brighter and larger while also adding a beautiful, stylish touch.

6. Add Beauty and Functionality with Benches

Try a new bench from brands like Palettes by Winesburg to add comfort and functionality to any room. A bench is a perfect addition to an entryway or living room and can also be a great alternative to traditional dining chairs. Look for benches that include a soft cushion for comfort and support.

7. Upgrade Your Workspace

Use a new Amish desk in your home office to get a beautiful look and lots of storage. Shop for executive desks that include plenty of drawers for more versatility. You’ll also find drawing desks and file cabinets that will accentuate your workspace and give you more functionality, too.

8. Bring in a Bookcase

An Amish brand bookcase is durable and versatile enough to enjoy in any room. Look for tall bookcases with plenty of shelves so you have a place to display and store your favorite books, decorative items, and more.

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Amish Furniture Upgrades for Your Home

Posted on February 11th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

Buying furniture is a big investment, which means it’s important to choose products that will last. Amish furniture is some of the best you can buy thanks to its use of durable materials and timeless craftsmanship. If you need some inspiration, be sure to visit our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA today. When you’re ready to make some Amish furniture upgrades for your home, read on to discover a few helpful tips to ensure that you make the most of every purchase.

Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Your bedroom furniture is one of the most important elements in the home. When you’re looking for Amish furniture upgrades for your home, choose beds and storage pieces made of solid hardwoods. Daniels Amish brand offers a stunning selection of high-quality beds and storage pieces. This furniture is constructed of the highest quality and is built to last for generations to come. One of the perks of choosing products from the Daniels Amish brand is that you have the chance to customize them. Try a stunning new dresser with lots of drawers that includes your choice of over 50 different knobs and handle styles. A gorgeous bed from Daniels Amish brand comes in a wide variety of wood species to help you achieve the perfect look.

Amish Furniture Upgrades for Your Home: Elevate the Dining Room

The dining room is where you spend time with your family and entertain guests. That’s why upgrading to products like new tables and chairs from the Gat Creek Amish brand is a smart choice. This Amish brand offers a stunning assortment of stylish and durable dining tables, comfortable chairs, and storage pieces. Most of the tables from the Gat Creek Amish brand are expandable, which gives you more flexibility and versatility over how you use the room. Shop for a unique selection of products at our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA. You’ll find a beautiful array of dining furniture and more from Gat Creek Amish brand to make the dining room more beautiful.

Upgrade Your Home Office

Whether you work from home full or part-time, you want to make sure that your office furniture is sturdy and solid. Explore the range of desks, bookcases, and more at our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA. You’ll find a wide array of desks to suit your working needs. From mission-style desks with a hutch to a corner desk to help you save on space, each piece of Amish-made furniture will stand the test of time. Traditional craftsmanship ensures that every drawer opens and closes smoothly, while the use of solid wood means your desk will be able to handle whatever you throw at it. Investing in quality furniture is the best way to enjoy your home, so be sure to shop our showroom or visit our website today to find a great selection of quality Amish furniture for every room

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The Amish Furniture Guide for Every Room in Your Home

Posted on January 11th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

If you’re looking for quality furnishings for every room of your home, you can’t go wrong with Amish furniture. Made by skilled craftspeople from around the country, this furniture is crafted of durable, high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Visit our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA today to get inspired and read on for our Amish furniture guide to help you find the perfect pieces for every room.

Amish Furniture Guide: Living Room

Your living space is where you spend a lot of your free time, so it’s important to choose furniture that’s beautiful and functional in one. Look for durable, stylish pieces from the Gat Creek Amish brand, featuring a variety of beautiful tables and more. A solid wood coffee table or entertainment console is a great way to enjoy the reliability of Amish furniture while adding a timeless look to this space. New designs from the Gat Creek Amish brand include modern finishes that will add a trendy element to your living room. Try a stunning cocktail table for entertaining or a beautiful storage cabinet to keep media and other items organized.

Elevate Your Bedroom with Amish Furniture

Beautiful beds and storage pieces are another integral part of our Amish furniture guide. Look for beds from Daniels Amish brand featuring a range of gorgeous silhouettes and finishes. From slat to panel beds, they’re all made of durable solid wood to ensure you have new bedroom furniture that will stand the test of time. Stop by our Amish furniture store in Alexandria VA to discover a beautiful range of options for the bedroom from Daniels Amish brand. You’ll find a range of storage options, too, including classic dressers, tall cabinets, and wardrobes to make organizing your favorite clothes and accessories easy.

Refresh Your Dining Room

Many people choose Amish furniture for its durability and style. Amish dining room furniture will not only add a beautiful element to this space but will also provide you with furniture that you can pass on to future generations. Gat Creek Amish brand makes a myriad of stunning tables suitable for any size and style of dining space. Whether it’s a sleek table with a round top or a traditional rectangular table, all of these dining tables are built to last for years to come. Try an Amish-made dining room table with leaves that you can use to expand the table during dinner parties and large gatherings. Dining room chairs are also available in an endless array of finishes, styles, and designs. A cushioned chair adds a comfortable feel, while a classic dining chair with a spindle back lends your home a rustic touch. No matter what you choose, there is plenty of Amish furniture available that will make every room of your home more unique.

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Latest Trends in Amish Furniture

Posted on November 17th, 2021 by warehouseshowrooms

When it comes to quality and durable construction, there’s nothing quite like Amish Furniture. If you’re looking for new pieces for your home, be sure to visit our Amish furniture store in Burke VA to discover something fresh. From beds and tables to sofas, there are plenty of Amish furniture trends to keep your eye on. Read on to discover some of the latest trends in Amish furniture, so you can find the perfect options for your home.

Beautiful Bedroom Options

While you can easily find a classic Amish-made bed, some newer styles are starting to take center stage. Beds by Daniels Amish brand feature fresh, new finishes and unusual silhouettes. For example, a new slat bed from Daniels Amish brand features a smooth, curvaceous headboard that gives it a modern, contemporary touch. New bedroom options are just some of the latest Amish furniture trends. Explore other bedroom pieces by the beloved Yutzy Woodworking brand offering elevated and trendy finishes like muted gray for an elevated component to add to your bedroom. The brand’s new Preen Finishes create a gorgeous non-distressed, dry matte look.

Amish Furniture Trends: Customization Options

The concept of creating your own custom furniture isn’t new, but many Amish brands are offering more variety than ever before. Consider a gorgeous new custom dining table from PALETTES BY WINESBURG. This reputable Amish brand offers a myriad of bases to choose from that range from curvaceous, carved pedestal bases to tapered modern styles. After you choose the base for your dining table, select from a range of stunning finishes and choose your tabletop to complete the look. This gives you the chance to create something totally unique to you while adding a sophisticated component to your dining space. Many options from PALETTES BY WINESBURG also include the option to design your table in a pub or bar height, too.

Say Hello to New Storage

Classic chests and hutches are part of the Amish furniture repertoire, but many brands are now offering a new take on this classic furniture. Look for new options for storage by the Gat Creek Amish brand featuring sleek lines and updated, modern shapes. Many of these new dressers and chests have a versatile design that makes it easy to use them in any room of the home. Along with these updated and more modern styles, the new Amish furniture trends focus on giving your home and furniture more functionality, too. Elevated pieces by the Gat Creek Amish furniture brand feature updated finishes in softer hues, metallic hardware, and contemporary silhouettes more suited for today’s modern homes. Visit our Amish furniture store in Burke VA today to discover all of the newest trends in Amish furniture for every room.

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Types & Styles of Amish Furniture

Posted on July 10th, 2021 by warehouseshowrooms

Amish furniture is a smart addition to your home thanks to quality materials, time-tested traditions, and amazing craftsmanship. If you’re looking for some Amish furniture ideas, be sure to visit our Amish furniture store in Burke VA for some inspiration and a variety of beautiful products. Read on for some examples of a few types and styles of Amish furniture that you can bring into your home for a beautiful update you’ll love for years to come.

Amish Furniture Ideas: Mission Style

The classic mission style of Amish furniture features clean lines and sleek and simple silhouettes. This design was popular in the United States and stems from the famous Arts and Crafts movement of the time, which began in England in the early 19th century. Daniels Amish brand is a classic example of this popular, versatile style. The mission style incorporates simple designs that give each piece a fresh, sophisticated look that truly stands the test of time. Its classic aesthetic easily fits into any type of home, which makes it a great option for both traditional and contemporary abodes alike. Mission style Amish furniture provides you with beautiful, functional furnishings that add versatility and beauty to your home.

Shaker Style

This Amish furniture style boasts a minimalist look without excessive ornamentation for a versatile look that works beautifully in any room. Most pieces of shaker furniture are painted or stained to protect the wood and can also be found in a variety of soft colors like blue, green, red, or even a nice, light yellow hue. Brands like Palettes by Winesburg use solid wood materials including pine, maple, or cherry to give each piece of furniture a solid, durable feel. Try a two-toned dining chair from the brand featuring finishes of soft cream and warm oak or walnut for an inviting and classic touch. The Yutzy Woodworking brand is another great example of a company that produces beautiful shaker style furniture.

A Mix of Classic and Modern

When you’re looking for new Amish furniture ideas, keep in mind that not all styles have to be made in the traditional mission or shaker design. In fact, the Gat Creeks Amish brand melds a touch of contemporary appeal with classic components to elevate your home. This brand offers curvaceous shapes, smooth lines, and unique furnishings that are still crafted in the traditional Amish method, but with a slightly modern twist. While the brand does continue to make some classic pieces, they’re also branching out into newer, more modern styles for today’s homes. No matter what style or type of Amish furniture you choose, you’ll know it’s made of the highest quality, so you have furniture that you can pass on to future generations.

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