How to Care for Wood Furniture

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At Warehouse Showrooms, we pride ourselves on our solid wood furniture. We think every piece is absolutely beautiful and should be passed onto future generations of your family. Of course, passing on the furniture means taking care of the furniture. And there are many people who do not know how to properly take care of wooden furniture.

If this describes you, don’t worry. Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide!

Polishing Wood Furniture

In the past you had to regularly clean and polish wooden furniture. That was always “step one” when it came to the care and maintenance of furniture. This is still true for softwood furniture but no longer needed for our hardwood furniture.

You no longer have to polish furniture with our latest hardwood finishes. All of our hardwood furniture features advanced catalyzed finishes. These are perfectly suited to simply wiping them off with a damp cloth for most spills and require no polishing.

For softwood furniture you don’t have to polish very often– two or three times a year will typically do the trick. And you don’t need fancy tools or other cleaners, as a simple wood polish and cloth will work just fine!

Cover It Up

Earlier, we mentioned that you may need to clean and polish your most-used furniture more often. However, you can reduce just how often you clean by covering those areas up when needed.

For example, your kitchen table will regularly come into contact with plates. This can make the table dirty and even risk damaging the wood and finish over time.

However, you can up your care and maintenance of furniture game by using things like tablecloths and place mats to protect the table. And just like that, you’ve significantly increased how long your wooden table will look amazing. The hardwood finishes are more durable than ever so lately many of our customers just use place settings and leave the rest of the beautiful wood exposed.

Watch the Temperature

Believe it or not, one of the biggest threats to your wooden furniture is the temperature. Always use heat stopping pads to protect table tops from hot foods. Freshly delivered pizza arriving fresh from insulated containers nowadays is another thing to be on guard about. The hot grease may seep through the pizza box and directly transmit the heat to the table top from the hot grease. And to care for your furniture, you need to keep an eye on the climate within your house.

First, try to avoid the sunlight. The heat from the summer sun is a particularly big risk to any wooden furniture that you own.

Second, consider installing either humidifiers or dehumidifiers based on the climate of your area. This is because changes in humidity can cause wood to either expand or shrink; either way, your furniture ends up warped.

Avoid Chemicals on Your Wood Furniture

With catalyzed hardwood finishes on cherry, oak, and maple, you need only to use water and a damp cloth to wipe it off because of their durable finishes. Avoid cleaning products because of the chemicals they contain. These chemicals can cause serious damage to your furniture and strip the finish on your wood. The all-natural hardwoods we carry are beautiful and sturdy without resorting to chemical cleaners.

Things like nail polish remover and various solvents are just as dangerous to your wooden furniture as any other chemicals.

Give Us a Call

You’ve learned a lot about the care and maintenance of the furniture. However, there is one more easy trick to protect your investment.  Whenever you have a question about caring for Warehouse Showrooms furniture, all you have to do is give us a call!

At Warehouse Showrooms, we carry the most complete selection of Amish furniture in the Washington, D.C. metro area. With endless styles, colors, and finishes, you can find the perfect piece for your space. All you have to do is come visit our Amish furniture store in Alexandria, VA as soon as possible. Be warned: once you experience this solid wood furniture, you’ll never settle for anything less!

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How to Spice Up Your Dining Room for the Holidays

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The holidays are getting close now. And that means your dining room is about to see more people and more action than it has all year!

You’re going to be taking the time to craft some amazing meals for your friends and family. But don’t you deserve dining room sets that are crafted with that same level of love and care?

Here at Warehouse Showrooms, we focus on selling solid wood furniture that will instantly become a family heirloom. And you can use our amazing selection of high-quality furniture to spice up your dining room, just in time for the holidays!

Make It Party Ready

Many people have a simple table in their dining room. These are the kinds of tables that can comfortably seat four people, or maybe uncomfortably seat six. If you’re going to be hosting large gatherings, the solution is simple: you’ll need a bigger table!

We sell an assortment of large tables, so you’re guaranteed to find something big enough for your needs. This includes large round tables (perfect for promoting conversation at a party) and long, rectangular governor’s tables (great for making sure everyone has a seat no matter how big the party gets).

The perfect holiday party starts with food. And a new table will make sure your holiday dining experience is unforgettable!

Break Out the Games

Once everyone has enjoyed an awesome meal, there’s one big question left. What are you going to do next?

A favorite holiday tradition of ours is to bust out some games for everyone to play. From classics like Rummy or Dominoes to newer games like Settlers of Catan, games are a great way to have fun and bring everyone closer together.

However, for maximum fun, you’ll need an easy way to access your games and store them when you’re done. We sell dozens of useful “clutter busters”, cabinets of all shapes and sizes as both a storage solution and an absolutely beautiful addition to your dining room.

Time to Be a Showoff

Do your guests have anything interesting to look at while they eat?

We sell a simple solution to this: a wide assortment of solid-wood chests and dressers. Some of these function like curios, meaning that you can show off some of the cool things you’ve collected over the years in a tasteful way.

Alternately, you can use things like our buffets to help display and serve food when it’s time to eat. Either way, you get to enjoy one of our favorite holiday experiences: showing off for your friends and family!

Bring the Porch Inside

No matter how amazing the inside of a home is, there is something magical about the front porch. Everyone has fond memories of sitting together on a front porch and watching the world go by, all while feeling like time has stopped in your little corner of the world.

What if you could transport that magical feeling inside your home? Good news! It’s entirely possible to do that with our selection of high-quality, wooden benches!

These benches comfortably seat three people on them. And adding them to do your dining room is a very versatile move. The benches can function as alternative seating as well as just a great place to relax after enjoying a big meal.

Drinks Are On You

While it’s not everyone’s cup of something stronger than tea, one surefire way to spice up any get-together is to add some adult beverages. To have easy access to your beverages of choice, though, you’re going to need the perfect storage solution.

Don’t sweat, though. We’ve got you covered with products such as our Kennedy Sideboard. While this sideboard can hold just about anything, it is uniquely suited to store bottles of wine or liquor. And with a fully equipped sideboard, you can keep the good times “flowing” all night long!

Ultimately, a sideboard like this is a secret weapon to making any and all of your parties unforgettable.

Wrapping Up the Party

Now you know how to spice up your dining room for the holidays by purchasing some new dining room furniture. But do you know your one-stop shop to an exciting holiday party?

Here at Warehouse Showrooms, we offer all of the furniture you need and so much more. Whether you want to visit our breathtaking showroom floor or just browse our website, you’re sure to find the furniture that your dining room has needed!

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History of Amish-Made Furniture

Posted on October 30th, 2018 by warehouseshowrooms

Amish furniture is made and manufactured by the Amish communities in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. It is known for being made purely out of wood, using real, authentic wood. No particle board or laminates are used in making Amish furniture. The furniture is simple, clean, and graceful in appearance, and is made with traditional furniture-making techniques.

This type of furniture first became popular among non-Amish buyers in the 1920’s, when American folk art became popular. Especially popular at the time was folk art from the early period of America, which meant pre-Civil War. Because Amish furniture was still manufactured using those old techniques, it became prized because of both its style and its history.

While there are several different styles of Amish furniture, the one modern people most closely associate with Amish furniture was originated by Henry Lapp. Lapp was an Amish furniture maker in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and he opted to eschew elaborately painted pieces that other Amish people were making, in favor of a plainer style. Lapp’s style is undecorated, which makes it stand out from other styles of furniture. Our Amish furniture store today carries a large selection of pieces made in Lapp’s signature style

Technique and Amish Furniture

Amish forego modern technology, for the most part. Therefore, most of the tools they use in making their furniture use hydraulic and pneumatic power instead of electricity. Occasionally, Amish communities make allowances for some modern technology in their furniture making shops, especially if the furniture sales provide support for entire communities.

It is also the norm for the Amish to pay a lot of attention to detail in their furniture making. Every piece of wood used in a piece is selected by the individual craftsperson to match the type of furniture being built. The grain of the wood is matched up on pieces that are glued , to give the finished piece a uniform look. In general, Amish furniture is considered a “green” product, and the furniture makers intend each piece they make to last and be enjoyed for generations, both as art and as usable furniture.

Different Styles of Amish Furniture

While the Lapp style is the most common, there are other styles of Amish furniture. The Mission style is one of straight lines and joints that are exposed. Queen Anne style uses intricate moldings, interesting details on the feet, and carved ornamental designs.

There are also individual family styles. This is because Amish furniture making is a skill that is passed on from generation to generation. Amish children usually quit school after eighth grade, after which they help out on the farm or in the family Amish furniture shop. Certain families become known for their own unique style of building Amish furniture.

One thing that is common among all styles of Amish furniture is that no two pieces are alike. This is because the pieces are not mass-produced in a factory. Each piece is made by hand. This makes each piece of Amish furniture unique, and a work of art.

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The Different Types of Wood for Furniture Explained

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Wood is the most common material in the world for building furniture. It has been used for this purpose since ancient times, and continues to be today. There’s no wonder why it’s such a popular material– it’s practical, durable, and it looks great. Most types of wood can be used to build furniture, though some types are more commonly used than others. Each type of wood for furniture has its own unique appearance and qualities that may appeal to different people, and they’re even associated with different design styles.

If you are wondering what type of wood is used for building furniture, and which you should choose for your own home furnishings, this helpful guide will assist you in selecting the proper wood for you.

The Most Common Types of Wood Used to Build Furniture Beech

 Beech is a very strong, and also heavier than most other woods. Its grain is quite fine and tight, and it has an even texture. Being very light in color, it fits in well with light, airy rooms, especially ones that get a lot of natural light. This wood is bright and modern, and is a good alternative for people who do not prefer dark woods.


Oak is an extremely popular wood for building furniture. Not only is it easily available, thanks to the abundance of oak trees in the world, but it is also quite durable. Oak wood is able to take a lot of wear and tear, making it a great choice for families. You can find oak furniture in two shades: white, which is actually gray or light brown in color, and red, which is a medium shade of wood with a warm tone.


This is another durable and heavy wood choice. In fact, maple was a popular choice in furniture in centuries past for its extreme durability, which is why you will find it so often in antique wood furniture. You can still build new furniture with it today, too. It is incredibly strong and resistant to moisture. You would be hard-pressed to damage maple. Being a pale shade with natural swirls in the grain, it is perfect for painting or staining.


This hard wood is incredibly strong, has a straight grain, and is a dark and chocolate brown color in its traditional shade (lighter shades are available, but not as widely used). As far as decorating goes, walnut is quite versatile, as it is available in a number of shades and grain styles, allowing you to choose the best fit for your home decor.


Another highly common wood like oak, pine is cheap because of its abundance. It is also lightweight and pale in color, which makes it a popular wood for staining. It isn’t as durable as harder woods, but it does blend in well with other woods. This makes it a good choice if you are shopping for furniture to match existing wood furniture in your home.


Ash is a hard wood which is remarkably flexible. You can actually bend it without breaking it. This is why it is the primary wood used for curved pieces of furniture, like chairs and sofas with curved arms and/or backrests. Ash is a medium colored wood, being light brown with a straight grain to it.


Mahogany is expensive, as far as woods go. It is a hard wood, and can vary considerably in color, ranging from medium brown to a deep reddish brown. The older it is, the redder it becomes. It is a traditional wood used in high-class antique furniture used by rich and titled families, and is considered a status symbol wood.

Cheaper Woods that Should be Avoided in Your Furniture Fiberboard

This is a cheap man-made wood that is constructed by processing both hard and soft wood. The hard and soft woods are broken down into fibers, and the fibers are bonded to each other with wax, then heated to create a piece of dense “wood.” While it is technically wood, it is not wood in a pure form. It is also not as durable as real wood, and certainly not as attractive, as you miss out on the beauty of a natural wood grain with fiberboard. It is the hallmark of cheap, mass-manufactured furniture.

Particle Board

Another manmade wood, this one takes wood chips and shavings, and heat-bonds them together with resin. It is a popular choice among commercial furniture manufacturers, because it is cheap to obtain. It is also usually covered with a veneer surface, which makes particle board suitable for flat packing and shipping to customers who are going to assemble their furniture themselves at home.

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Bedroom Design 101

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Setting up a bedroom design that is both stylish and functional can be tricky, particularly if you live in a small space. While you may want to include all the aspects of a traditional bedroom set, like nightstands, a dresser and an armoire, it may be more practical for your room to only include certain multifunctional pieces. Keep these options in mind as you design your room online using our room planner. Here are some of the best ways to set up a bedroom that is both chic and functional.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity rules in the bedroom, which should act as a calming sanctuary at the end of the day. Having too many furnishings or too much clutter in the room will make it hard for you to feel calm. Choose classic furniture with a straightforward design to avoid having to change out trendy items when they go out of style. Solid wood furniture is timeless and sure to last much longer than cheaper furnishings made out of composite woods.

Select furniture in neutral tones so that you can move it from room to room as your needs change without anything clashing or needing to be refinished. By keeping to a clean, minimalist design, you’ll invite plenty of light into the space and make it easier for your mind to rest.

Streamline Your Electronics

The old rule of no television in the bedroom may not be practical in today’s world, but there is some value in trying to keep electronics to a minimum in this space. Not only do large televisions and computers distract from the interior design of the room, they can make it hard for you to resist electronics before you go to sleep, which can lead to lower sleep quality.

Consider using a cabinet to hide the television from view when you aren’t watching it, or use a desk that doubles as a vanity when you aren’t working. This will help the electronics feel like less of a fixture in the space and help you reduce how much you use them.

Swap Tradition For Function

No one says that every bedroom in the home has to have a full-sized bedroom set in order to work for you. As you design your room online, don’t be limited by the options you are used to seeing in the bedroom. Daybeds or sleeper sofas can work just as well in guest rooms that have to serve multiple purposes, and free up more room for other furniture.

If you prefer a clean nightstand with no clutter, but your spouse likes to keep a few books on hand, choose different nightstands that complement each other instead of matching ones that don’t function for both partners. There are many furniture pieces designed to help organize small spaces with built in storage to keep clutter at bay. Choosing these will help you find designated space to put everything, which will help to keep the room neater on a day to day basis.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

You may be afraid to paint the walls in a small space a bold color, but if you’re hoping for a room that feels cozy and welcoming, a wall color with warm undertones will help set the mood. When you look at possible paint colors, take note of the ones that naturally appeal to you and that catch your eye. Keep these in mind as you choose, because you’ll feel more at home in a space that is painted a color that instinctively draws you in. Incorporate your wall color into the fabrics you select for bedding and curtains to bring the whole look together.

Remember, what makes you happy and comfortable is more important than any design rules or convention. As you put your bedroom together, keep this in mind. Your home should reflect your personality and likes to really make it resonate with you over the years, and nowhere is personalization more important than in the bedroom. Choosing items that make you feel good and evoke a smile from you will ultimately make you happier than selecting things you think need to be included in the room but hold no personal charm for you.

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Why Shop American Made?

Posted on October 15th, 2018 by warehouseshowrooms

When we started Warehouse Showrooms, we started with a simple vision. We wanted to provide our consumers with the highest-quality furniture that we could possibly provide.

What does that mean, though? It means focusing on things like high-quality, solid wood furniture. All of our products are made in America, and the difference in quality and comfort will completely change how you shop for furniture.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn more about furniture and why you should always shop American made!

Quality and Value

When you’re shopping for furniture, there are two big things you’re worried about: quality and value. Obviously, you want to have the best-quality furniture possible. At the same time, you don’t want to break the bank to get it.

With American-made furniture, you get the perfect combination of quality and value. You and your guests will be able to see how this furniture stands out from the pack at a single glance. But your furniture doesn’t just have a pretty face: it’s meant to last for many years.

Our high-quality wooden furniture will always be there for you. And you’ll be able to lay back and count the money you’ve saved!

Always Stylish

Everyone has had that moment where they walked back in time. When you walk into a room with old and outdated furniture, it’s enough to make you think you stepped into the past!

Of course, nobody wants to buy furniture that will seem outdated before they know it. And that’s part of what makes solid wood furniture such a good choice for your home.

Solid wood will look just as good in twenty or thirty years as it does right here and now. Additionally, there are so many style options with wood (rustic, traditional, modern, and so on) that you can get a perfect piece of furniture for each and every room!

Comfort and Quality

So far, we’ve focused on the quality and value of the furniture you buy. However, there’s another really important factor to consider: comfort!

The materials used in the making of your furniture aren’t just factors in how long it lasts or how valuable it will become. They are ultimately the most important factor in how comfortable the furniture is.

Solid wood furniture provides unparalleled levels of support, which is crucial for supporting your back and the rest of your body. And a good frame design helps to provide additional comfort while making the furniture nice and stylish.

Ultimately, you deserve quality and comfortable furniture. And that means you deserve high-quality, solid-wood, American-made furniture!

A True Investment

No matter how much money you save when you buy furniture, it remains one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make for your home because you must buy furniture for every room. That means you must answer an important question: is it worth it?

Over time, inferior furniture will diminish in quality. It will become worn, become less comfortable, and eventually become a painful eyesore that will need to be replaced.

That’s the dark secret about cheap furniture, of course. You end up having to replace it so often that you pretty much cancel out the savings!

Solid wood furniture, though, is more than new furniture. It’s a high-quality investment that will last for many years. Why give yourself poor quality furniture that you have to keep replacing when you can go ahead and buy quality right away?

An American Institution

You can buy furniture made from anywhere in the world. Why, then, is it important to shop American made furniture?

In a word? Quality. There’s a reason that “American-made” stands for quality and commitment as well as superior skill and materials. This is furniture made the American way: no cheats and no shortcuts, but it is instead made with the highest levels of time and commitment.

Buying American-made furniture doesn’t just support us, either. It means you’re supporting the U.S. economy and showing retailers around the world that you want to fill your home with true quality furniture instead of simply the cheapest furniture you can find.

You deserve the best, and it doesn’t get any better than American-made!

Why Choose Us?

Now you know why it’s so important to shop American made. Why, though, should you buy your American made furniture from us?

At Warehouse Showrooms, we have a simple philosophy: customers first. We value your time, and that’s why we only offer high-quality and comfortable furniture that will do your home pride.

Choose Warehouse when you’re ready for the best, and we’ll do the rest!

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Picking Out the Perfect Custom Wood Bedroom Furniture

Posted on October 15th, 2018 by warehouseshowrooms

Decorating your bedroom is a big project but can also be a fun experience if you relax and allow yourself to enjoy theprocess. Your room is your personal space and an area in your home where you should feel comfortable and safe. One idea that you may want to consider is selecting custom wood bedroom furniture for your home.

Take your time and avoid panicking if you don’t find what it is you’re looking for immediately. Picking out the perfect pieces may not come easily at first. Therefore, remain patient and have confidence that soon enough your room will be just the way you want it.

Do Your Homework

Start your journey of picking out the perfect custom wood bedroom furniture by spending some time doing your homework. Conduct research on your own of what options are out there. This includes getting familiar with the various online and offline stores that are selling it and figuring out what other homeowners are using in their bedrooms. Take notes about what elements stand out to you the most as you browse. This way, you’ll start to get a feel for your overall style and preferences. This is your chance to go outside the box and show off your unique style through one of the most personal spaces in your home: the bedroom.

Create A Budget

You should avoid going into this project blindly without a budget in mind. Sit down and outline about how much you want to spend on buying custom wood bedroom furniture before you commit to any specific pieces. Keep in mind that furniture is a big expense. It’s in your best interest to decide how much money you want to put down before making any transactions. You may later regret going outside your budget so remain strong and wise about how much you actually want to spend when shopping. Be glad to know there are plenty of options out there for all sorts of price ranges, so don’t feel like you have to settle by any means.

Pay Attention to Quality

Quality is a major factor when considering what bedroom furniture to pick out for your house. You want to make sure that you’re making a purchase from a dependable manufacturer and store that prides themselves on producing reliable products. This type of bedroom furniture is a great choice because it’s not only beautiful to look at but durable and easy to clean as well. It’ll last you years and you’ll thank yourself later on for choosing a robust option because you won’t have to replace it often.

Recognize the Benefits of Wood Furniture

Not only is custom wood bedroom furniture strong and long-lasting, but it’s also versatile. In addition, it’s sustainable and comes in a wide variety of textures and colors. Your bedroom will not only look more appealing and comfortable, but the furniture itself will also come across as warm and rich. The good news is that wood furniture will last you for years. It’ll also uphold its value as time passes. You’ll love the way it shines once it’s clean and free of any dust. Adjust the hues of the wood if you want to add more charm instead of the natural look.

Consider the Various Design Aspects

The best part about custom wood bedroom furniture is that there are a lot of design options to choose from. There are square looks versus rounded pieces and pretty much everything else in between. Not only are there unique shapes, twists and turns but there are also different heights and widths to consider. Keep in mind there are a lot of interesting accessories that look nice with wood too. You can use them to help you decorate your bedroom once you’ve selected the perfect furniture for your space.


Picking out the perfect bedroom furniture should be an exciting experience for you. Use these tips to help you achieve your decorating goals and design a bedroom that truly speaks to you. Avoid worrying what others think as you organize your bedroom. Instead, go with what your gut is telling you when it comes time to make the final decision. You’ll be a lot happier with the final product if you don’t rush through the process. Also, keep a positive attitude that you’ll eventually find what it is you’re looking for.

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