Bedroom Design 101

Posted on October 19th, 2018 by warehouseshowrooms

Setting up a bedroom design that is both stylish and functional can be tricky, particularly if you live in a small space. While you may want to include all the aspects of a traditional bedroom set, like nightstands, a dresser and an armoire, it may be more practical for your room to only include certain multifunctional pieces. Keep these options in mind as you design your room online using our room planner. Here are some of the best ways to set up a bedroom that is both chic and functional.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity rules in the bedroom, which should act as a calming sanctuary at the end of the day. Having too many furnishings or too much clutter in the room will make it hard for you to feel calm. Choose classic furniture with a straightforward design to avoid having to change out trendy items when they go out of style. Solid wood furniture is timeless and sure to last much longer than cheaper furnishings made out of composite woods.

Select furniture in neutral tones so that you can move it from room to room as your needs change without anything clashing or needing to be refinished. By keeping to a clean, minimalist design, you’ll invite plenty of light into the space and make it easier for your mind to rest.

Streamline Your Electronics

The old rule of no television in the bedroom may not be practical in today’s world, but there is some value in trying to keep electronics to a minimum in this space. Not only do large televisions and computers distract from the interior design of the room, they can make it hard for you to resist electronics before you go to sleep, which can lead to lower sleep quality.

Consider using a cabinet to hide the television from view when you aren’t watching it, or use a desk that doubles as a vanity when you aren’t working. This will help the electronics feel like less of a fixture in the space and help you reduce how much you use them.

Swap Tradition For Function

No one says that every bedroom in the home has to have a full-sized bedroom set in order to work for you. As you design your room online, don’t be limited by the options you are used to seeing in the bedroom. Daybeds or sleeper sofas can work just as well in guest rooms that have to serve multiple purposes, and free up more room for other furniture.

If you prefer a clean nightstand with no clutter, but your spouse likes to keep a few books on hand, choose different nightstands that complement each other instead of matching ones that don’t function for both partners. There are many furniture pieces designed to help organize small spaces with built in storage to keep clutter at bay. Choosing these will help you find designated space to put everything, which will help to keep the room neater on a day to day basis.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

You may be afraid to paint the walls in a small space a bold color, but if you’re hoping for a room that feels cozy and welcoming, a wall color with warm undertones will help set the mood. When you look at possible paint colors, take note of the ones that naturally appeal to you and that catch your eye. Keep these in mind as you choose, because you’ll feel more at home in a space that is painted a color that instinctively draws you in. Incorporate your wall color into the fabrics you select for bedding and curtains to bring the whole look together.

Remember, what makes you happy and comfortable is more important than any design rules or convention. As you put your bedroom together, keep this in mind. Your home should reflect your personality and likes to really make it resonate with you over the years, and nowhere is personalization more important than in the bedroom. Choosing items that make you feel good and evoke a smile from you will ultimately make you happier than selecting things you think need to be included in the room but hold no personal charm for you.

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