How to choose the perfect living room sofa for your Northern Virginia home

Posted on August 6th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

When it comes to home furnishings, the sofa is the focal point of your space. Before you choose a brand-new sofa for your home, visit our living room furniture store in Northern VA to discover a myriad of beautiful options. Buying a sofa is a big investment, so read on for a few tips that will show you how to choose the perfect living room sofa for your Northern Virginia home. With the right sofa, you’ll have a living space that you and your guests will love.

Start with Shape and Size

Whether it’s sofas or sectionals, you should always start by deciding which size will work best in your Northern Virginia living room. Measure the dimensions of your living room, then write the length and width down so you have the information handy. You can also create a template on the floor with some painter’s tape to give you an idea of which size sofa will fit without taking up too much room. Sofas with a chaise on one end extend outward but they also give you extra room to stretch out and relax. Always take size into account as you think about how to choose the perfect living room sofa. Remember that sectionals are much larger, so they’re a great option if you have a big living room with plenty of space. Sectionals are also great for large families or for people who enjoy having lots of guests over when they entertain.

How to Choose the Perfect Living Room Sofa: Define Your Style

Living room furniture comes in all kinds of styles, ranging from contemporary and modern to rustic, traditional, and transitional. Explore a variety of different sofas by visiting our living room furniture store in Northern VA so you can see them in person. Snap a photo of your living room so that you can visualize what the new sofa will look like in your home. Perhaps you love clean lines and tight upholstery, or maybe you prefer sofas with rolled arms and overstuffed cushions. It’s all about choosing the sofa that complements your personal interior design style as well as your lifestyle.

Remember that Quality Matters

Whether you’re shopping for living room chairs or a brand-new coffee table, quality should always be at the top of your mind. Choose sofas that have durable construction like a solid hardwood frame. Cushions should be soft and comfortable yet firm enough that they won’t sink or become dented over time. Pick sofas, living room chairs, or sectionals that are made by reputable brands. We offer sofas and much more from some of the country’s most respected brands. Regardless of the size or style, buying a quality piece of furniture is what really matters most. When you buy a sofa that’s beautiful to look at, crafted of quality materials, and comfortable, you’ve found the perfect sofa for you. Since 1980, Warehouse Showrooms has been the best place to find sofas, tables, bedroom furniture, and much more to make your Northern Virginia home better than ever.