What are some tips for buying solid wood dining room furniture?

Posted on May 12th, 2020 by warehouseshowrooms

When it comes to quality, you can never go wrong with solid wood furniture. If you’re looking for new options for the dining room, we have some tips for buying solid wood dining room furniture that will help enhance your home. From dining room tables to dining room chairs, you’ll love the look and functionality that solid wood brings.

How to Recognize Solid Wood Furniture

One of the most important tips for buying solid wood dining room furniture is to know what real wood looks and feels like. Other wood furniture may be made of composite, particleboard, or veneers. As you peruse the solid wood dining room furniture, look closely at the finish. True solid wood furniture will show the authentic wood grain, and it will feel heavy and sturdy. Particleboard or composite wood is made of wood pulp and plastics, which means they may look nice, but they certainly won’t last for years like solid wood. Check closely underneath the furniture to look at its construction. This should show you the quality of the wood without a finish, revealing its authentic construction.

Select Your Favorite Wood Style

If you’re in the market for solid wood dining room tables, there are several wood types to choose from. Depending on your preference, each type of wood has a different hue to go with your home. Ashwood is one of the lightest colors, while walnut is somewhere in between, making it a popular choice for a dining room table due to its versatile nature. For those who prefer a darker tone, try mahogany or acacia wood. These types of wood evoke a rich, deep color that will enhance your dining room in style. Oak is another excellent option that offers rugged, durable qualities that are ideal for a dining room table. You can also opt to have your furniture custom finished to match your current decor.

Examine the Details

Just like everything else at our dining room furniture store in Alexandria, the details are what make your furniture stand out. As you explore the solid wood options, look closely at things like how the joints are put together, and how smoothly buffet cabinet drawers glide in and out. Quality is one of the most important tips for buying solid wood dining room furniture to ensure that you get a piece you’ll love for years to come. Hand-carved accents or turned legs are a sign of true quality in the world of solid wood furniture. Dining room chairs and tables should have interlocking sides, screws, or wooden dowels to hold it all together. No matter which options you choose, visit Warehouse Showrooms to find the perfect solid wood dining room furniture for your home today!

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7 Amazing Modern Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Posted on October 10th, 2019 by warehouseshowrooms

A modern dining room should feature a creative and memorable design enhanced by unique furniture pieces. Fortunately, Warehouse Showrooms has been offering one-of-a-kind dining room furniture in Alexandria Virginia since 1980 and currently has some great dining room furniture ideas for you.

The following are some modern dining room furniture ideas to consider.

Black and white

Your dining room table and chairs don’t have to feature a traditional wood finish. In fact, you might want to consider the simple and modern sleekness of a black and white design. Warehouse Showrooms offers custom black and white finishes on  dining room tables and chair sets. This uniquely modern design scheme allows you to take full advantage of contrast which peaks interest and drama!

Clipped corners

These days, you are not limited to either a rectangular or circular dining room table. In fact, there are all sorts of dining room table shapes to consider when looking for good dining room furniture ideas.

One great option is the clipped corners look. In addition to being unique and visually interesting, clipped corners are also often safer than rectangular tables with sharp corners. This is especially helpful for households with young children.

Stylized table designs

You’re missing out if you’re not exploring all the possibilities of bold, stylized table designs like that which is offered in the Rectangular Table Top dining room table from Warehouse Showrooms.

This table’s design is memorable and unique. The table has a design that is in some ways simplified by how rectangular it is. At the same time, the table also offers some unique diagonals and also a boldly dark color so that it will stand out strongly in any dining room. Dining tables made from these materials are some of the most unique and striking out on the market today.

Metal table tops

One great way to make a dining room look super unique and modern is to choose a metal table top. There are numerous metal materials that can be used to create an industrial, warehouse style dining table. Some of the metals that look the best when used as a table top material are hammered copper and zinc.

Ornate table legs

For some of the most beautiful dining room furniture out there, check out the ornate dining room table legs available. If you want to maximize elegance and stateliness with your dining room furniture ideas, look for an elegant dining room table with elaborately designed, ornate table legs.

Fabric seating materials

If you’re looking for the right dining chairs, it’s a good idea to consider fabric seating possibilities. Dining room chairs that are covered with fabric are not only attractive visually, but they also tend to be soft and comfortable for diners.

Fold out leaves

It’s a pretty popular theme among dining room furniture ideas nowadays to optimize space. One of the best ways you can do that in a dining room is with a dining room table that has fold out leaves to expand the dining space.

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How to Style a Dining Room Table for the Holidays

Posted on September 24th, 2019 by warehouseshowrooms

If you’re going to be hosting for the holidays, you need to have appropriate table styling to create a good holiday atmosphere. You can style your dining room tables for the holidays in a variety of ways.

There are numerous accessories you need for your table and dining room chairs to style effectively for the holidays. The following are four things you can use to style your dining room furniture for Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season:


Having a set of holiday dishes is a good idea. Holiday dish sets can be used to set the mood at the table. Special holiday dishes immediately highlight the holiday season at a dining room table and enhance the festive look of an entire dining room. You should shop around for a holiday theme dining set that is appropriate for conveniently serving the types of foods you typically serve for the Thanksgiving and winter holidays.

Tablecloths and napkins

Holiday tablecloths are important for further styling a dining room table for the holiday season. Tablecloths can show holiday colors and imagery. They also protect your dining room table from becoming blemished from spills and food crumbs being pressed onto the table surface.

In addition to a good holiday tablecloth, you should also choose a set of fabric napkins that are appropriately styled for the holidays. It’s a good idea to invest in cloth napkins for the holiday because cloth napkins are an important decor accessory for special events like holiday hosting.


A holiday table setting is not complete without an eye-catching centerpiece. Holiday centerpieces typically include things like pine tree branches, pine cones, ribbon, candles, and ornaments. Centerpieces are important holiday dining decor accents that allow a dining room table to look more festive and welcoming.


You can add holiday seat cushions to put on dining room chairs that feature holiday colors. Seat cushions are great for not only making a dining room look more festive, but also increasing the comfort provided by the chairs in your dining room. There are many holiday seat cushion designs you can choose from to complete the look of your dining room this holiday season.

Before you decide upon a particular cushion design, it’s always a good idea to consider how well the design of a particular cushion matches up with the design of your dishes, tablecloth, and centerpiece. All of the different styling accessories in your dining room need to match up well to create an appealing look on your interiors when you host this holiday season.

The best way to find the right dining room table and other dining room furniture for hosting this holiday season is to visit our showroom to find the size and style of table that’s ideal for your household.

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3 Ways to Recreate Your Dining Room

Posted on August 6th, 2019 by warehouseshowrooms

Your dining room is where life happens!  It’s where family and friends gather for big holidays or weekend meals.  It’s also where kids lay out big projects and ideas bloom.  With so much life happening in one room, your dining room furniture needs to be in a functional and elegant space that expresses your personality and makes everyone feel welcomed.  There are a few furniture pieces that makes all of this happen.

Dining Table

The choice of a dining table is a matter of personal preference.  Select from formal rectangular tables or cozy rounds.  You also have the option of tables that expand with additional leaves.  This give you the opportunity to have the table suit the number of people that you will be seating for dinner.  The Gat Creek Dining Room Mission 54” Round Table with Two 12” Leaves is perfect for an intimate meal or expanded for a family meal.  Gather around this classic Arts and Crafts style table for a meal and an evening of enjoying each other’s company.  Beautifully crafted in wood, this piece is available in cherry or maple wood finish.  It is also available in 58 different paint colors to coordinate with the other pieces in the room.


Every piece of dining room furniture needs some storage.  Cabinets and sideboards are the perfect way to add storage while also adding additional serving space.  While you may include a china cabinet to store serving pieces when not in use, they are also a beautiful way to display china pieces and add visual interest to the room.  Another option is a corner cabinets like the Gat Creek Dining Room Chase Corner Cabinet.  Corner cabinets like this are especially nice in smaller dining rooms as they make effective use in an unused space – the corner.  This cabinet is available in cherry or maple wood finish.  You can customize the piece with either polished nickel or burnished brass hardware.


Selecting chairs for a dining room can be a little difficult at times.  You need chairs that are comfortable but also stylish.  They also need to coordinate with the dining room table and the other pieces in the room.  The Gat Creek Dining Room La Croix Side Chair with Fabric Seat is a good option.  The seating is comfortable and the dark wood looks good in almost any dining room.  The fabric seat also gives you many design options.  While it comes with a yellow fabric seat, these can be customized using any fabric.  This allows you to introduce more color and texture into the small.  This makes a room feel welcoming.

Visit Warehouse Showrooms

Dining rooms are personal spaces where families and friends gather to create memories.  At Warehouse Showrooms, we know how to create dining rooms that people want to be in.  Come into our showroom and browse the selections.  Our knowledgeable team can offer suggestions or options that you may have not considered before.  With unbeatable pricing and a wide selection, with Warehouse Showrooms, you’ll soon have the dining room you’ve been dreaming of.

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