Dining Room Ideas for When You Don’t Have a Lot of Space

Posted on February 14th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

If your dining room is small, you can still enjoy this space to the absolute fullest. When it comes to choosing the right furniture for this room, making the right choice is key to creating a functional, comfortable part of the home. Read on to discover some dining room ideas for when you don’t have a lot of space, so you can maximize its functionality.

Choose Expandable Tables

One of the best dining room ideas for when you don’t have a lot of space is to choose expandable tables. These tables come with a leaf or extra piece in the center, or they may have a dropdown leaf on each end that you can fold down when you don’t need them. The best thing about this dining room furniture is that it’s completely versatile and specially designed to suit your needs. Simply expand the table when you have lots of guests over, then put it back to its smaller size when you need more space.

Be Smart with Seating

When it comes to chairs and dining room ideas for when you don’t have a lot of space, choose benches that you can tuck under the table. This is a great way to save space while offering a comfortable place to sit and dine. You can also find chairs that stack on top of one another when they’re not in use. No matter what style you prefer, be on the lookout for chairs that have a smaller silhouette over large, cushioned chairs with arms. The right chairs should be comfortable and beautiful to look at, but also compact and small enough to move out of the way when needed.

Consider a Bar Setup

Taller tables at a bar or counter height can also make more space in your dining room. Many dining room sets include a tall table with matching stools, so everything looks cohesive. Since this dining room furniture is taller and slender, it tends to require less square footage. You can also tuck the furniture into the corner, creating a more casual, laid-back atmosphere. A bar table and stools are also great if you have an eat-in kitchen rather than a formal dining room. Use it to entertain guests or simply to enjoy meals with your family every day while saving space.

Keep Storage Front and Center

A beautiful cabinet adds style and versatility to smaller dining rooms. Choose a tall cabinet with extra shelving to help you keep things nice and organized. You can use dining room storage for your dinnerware, table linens, and glasses so everything is in one central location. This also makes it easier to store items away when guests come over, so you have plenty of room at the table. Keep these ideas in mind, and you’ll have a fabulous dining room to enjoy, regardless of the size.

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Dining Room Furniture Ideas You Can’t Live Without

Posted on January 10th, 2022 by warehouseshowrooms

Whether you enjoy hosting dinner parties and holiday meals or simply like to gather around the dining table nightly, the furniture in this room is a vital part of making it a special space. Visit our dining room furniture store in Northern VA to discover a wide range of beautiful pieces you’ll enjoy for years to come. If you need some dining room ideas, read on for a few suggestions for new furniture that you simply cannot live without.

Get More with Expandable Dining Room Tables

When it comes to dining room ideas for smaller spaces, expandable dining room tables are a perfect solution. Often featuring leaves that you can add to the center, these tables make it easy to accommodate more guests whenever you need to. Expandable dining room tables are great if your dining room is small, or if you simply don’t always need that much surface space on a daily basis. Look for several options include drop-leaf tables that have edges you can raise up to make the table larger. Many models at our dining room furniture store in Northern VA come with one leaf or two leaves, depending on your needs and the size you’re looking for. Whether it’s round, oval, or rectangular, you simply can’t go wrong with this versatile dining room furniture.

Dining Room Ideas: Choosing the Perfect Chair

Your dining room chairs are an integral part of creating a comfortable, welcoming space. Look for new dining room chairs that have soft upholstery and cushioning for added comfort. Dining armchairs provide additional support, too. Our showroom is filled with beautiful dining room chairs featuring a unique assortment of silhouettes, wood types, and finishes. Many options are completely customizable, allowing you to create your very own unique look. Amish-made dining room chairs offer your home a classic look along with reliable durability that will last for years to come. Pick out your favorite chairs and coordinate them with your new dining room table to create a beautiful, seamless aesthetic.

Don’t Forget Storage

Once you’ve found the perfect dining table and chairs, it’s time to think about storage for this space. Explore a range of beautiful cabinets that will make it easy to keep your favorite dinnerware, table linens, and silverware organized and in one place. A beautiful new cabinet is a great way to protect your beloved China and other family heirlooms, too. A low-profile style cabinet can also double as a table for displaying framed pictures or for adding some buffet table lamps. Tall dining room cabinets with doors featuring clear glass will make it easy to display some of your most treasured pieces. Consider bringing some storage furniture into the dining room to help everything stay organized and beautiful, too. Come visit us today to discover more dining room ideas so you can make this space a special place for you and your family.

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Latest Trends in Dining Table Sets

Posted on November 13th, 2021 by warehouseshowrooms

When it comes to entertaining guests, the dining room is one of the most crucial parts of your home. If you’re looking for new dining room furniture, there are plenty of new trends to look out for. Be sure to visit our dining room furniture store in Alexandria today to find a range of new pieces for your home. Here are some of the latest trends in dining table sets, so you can find a stunning set of furniture that will help your home stand apart from the crowd.

Bold Finishes

While classic finishes like maple, cherry, or oak are common on many dining room tables, new trends are offering something fresh and updated for the home. Look for stylish, trendy dining table sets featuring more modern finishes like rich black, whitewash, or muted gray. These new finishes are an ideal choice for today’s contemporary homes and still feature versatile hues that you can easily match with virtually anything. If you’re a fan of modern color palettes, keep an eye out for these dining room tables that feature elevated colorways and bolder, richer options than those from the past.

A New Spin on Classic Chairs

Dining room chairs were once a formal piece of furniture to add to the home. Now, you’ll find an array of dining table sets that include gorgeous dining room chairs in a much more modern style. Explore new options for your dining room chairs including parsons chairs with a high back, lots of comfortable cushioning, and colorful upholstery. Dining armchairs are also a trending option that gives you and your guests a component of casual comfort. Many dining table sets now feature a more relaxed vibe which may include a table with a dining bench to one side. This is a fantastic option if you have kids or love to entertain a lot of people at once in the dining room.

Trending: Laid-Back and Relaxed

The concept of having a formal dining room is quickly going by the wayside. Today’s trends feature furniture that offers a much more relaxed, laid-back aesthetic. Look for trending pub-height or bar dining table sets that feature a taller height. Pair the table with a matching set of bar stools or counter-height chairs to create a relaxing atmosphere whenever you dine or entertain. This popular style is also a good choice if you have an eat-in kitchen, a breakfast nook, or a smaller dining room. The taller table and chairs make this option a casual and comfortable way to serve meals, enjoy good conversations, or even play a few games after dinner. For all of the latest trends, be sure to visit our dining room furniture store in Alexandria today to see what’s new in store for your home.

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How to Decorate Your Dining Room for the Holidays

Posted on October 21st, 2021 by warehouseshowrooms

As the holiday season gets closer, it’s time to think about decorating and adding a festive look to your home. Whether you’re planning to host Thanksgiving dinner this year or have some Christmas parties, your dining room will be one of the most important rooms in your home. Read on to learn how to decorate your dining room for the holidays and be sure to visit our beautiful dining room furniture store in Northern Virginia to find new products and inspiration.

Dress Up Your Table in Festive Style

When you’re thinking of how to decorate your dining room this season, keep the table front and center. The table is the centerpiece and the anchor of any dining room. Dressing up the table is the easiest way to add a festive look without doing anything drastic. Cover dining room tables with a beautiful tablecloth featured in a charming festive print or seasonal colorway. Metallic chargers under plates or a set of matching holiday placemats will also give dining room tables a charming seasonal look. Remember to add a gorgeous centerpiece to the table, too. You can fill a large clear glass vase with colorful ornaments or just place a potted red poinsettia plant on the table for a beautiful finishing touch. Another easy tip? Top your dining room chairs with slipcovers featured in festive hues of gold, red, or green.

Try Metallic Tones

If you’re thinking of how to decorate your dining room this season in a modern style, add metallic touches to give it a contemporary feel. Colors of silver, champagne, and gold is a beautiful choice that will elevate your dining room and create a sleek, luxe look. Instead of classic colors like red and green, go for something in a variety of metal tones instead. A beautiful set of candlesticks in a sparkling silver will lend your dining space a modern, festive touch. You can also decorate a beautiful wreath with metallic ball ornaments. Hang some glittery garland over the doorway to bring your dining room a festive touch with a bit of modern style.

Make it Cozy

Here in Northern Virginia, the winter months can get cold. It’s the perfect time to decorate your dining room to make it warm and cozy for your guests. Add a plush pile area rug underneath your dining room table to give the room a touch of warmth. Layer textures and textiles by adding placemats over the tablecloth. You can also place some pillows on top of your dining room chairs to warm things up. If you need more ideas and inspiration, be sure to visit our dining room furniture store in Northern Virginia today. We have a variety of products and accessories that will help you make your dining space more festive than ever.

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Tips for Preparing Your Dining Space for Fall

Posted on September 16th, 2021 by warehouseshowrooms

As the temperatures start to dip and the leaves begin changing colors, it’s time to prepare for the autumn season. When it comes to preparing your home, the dining room is one of the most important spaces to consider. Be sure to visit our dining room furniture store in Alexandria to get inspired and to find all of the latest furniture trends. Read on to learn a few helpful dining room tips, so you can make this part of your home fall-ready.

Dress Up Your Furniture

You don’t need to buy brand-new dining room furniture just to prep your dining space for fall. In fact, some beautiful table linens can easily make dining room tables and buffets look festive. Top your dining room table with an orange tablecloth or something in a charming fall print. A stunning centerpiece like a vase filled with branches and leaves is another one of our easy fall dining room tips. When it comes to your dining room chairs, simply add a beautiful slipcover to them in a beautiful autumnal hue. This will not only make the dining room feel cozier, but it’s an extremely easy way to add a pop of fall color without doing a lot of work.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Another of our easy fall dining room tips is to bring some of the nature you see inside to your dining space. You can do this by clipping some small twigs and branches and nestling them inside a beautiful vase. Use this as your dining room table centerpiece or as a simple piece of décor to place on a cabinet or shelf. A faux wreath adorned with autumn leaves and berries can add a touch of spicy, autumn appeal. Forage for acorns and add them to a bowl or use them as a vase filler. The sky is the limit when it comes to adding natural elements to your home that can be used as fall décor, so have fun looking for items you can bring inside.

Dining Room Tips: Do a Quick Furniture Check

If it turns out that your dining room furniture looks worn or outdated, then you may need to bring in a few new pieces to prep this space for fall. Look at your dining room table and think about whether it’s large enough to accommodate seasonal guests. You’ll find beautiful dining room tables in a range of sizes and shapes at our dining room furniture store in Alexandria. The same applies to your dining room chairs. If the seating in this space seems too small or uncomfortable, you may want to consider something new. When your table is roomy and your seating is comfortable, your fall guests will want to spend more time gathered around the table to enjoy delicious meals and memorable conversations.

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How to Choose the Perfect Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture

Posted on May 8th, 2021 by warehouseshowrooms

When it comes to quality, there’s nothing quite like solid wood furniture. If you’re looking for new pieces to add to your dining room, then solid wood dining room furniture is a great choice. Before you visit our solid wood furniture store in Alexandria, read on for some tips that will help you choose the perfect pieces for this room.

Consider Amish Furniture

Amish furniture is built by skilled craftspeople using techniques that have been passed down for generations. You’ll find a variety of products from Amish brands at our solid wood furniture store. These items are made using locally sourced hardwood, which means that items like tables, chests, and chairs will last for many years to come. The methods by which each piece is put together will ensure that your new solid wood dining room furniture will be able to hold up to endless numbers of dinners, parties, and chats around the dining room table.

Look for Quality of Construction

Most solid wood furniture manufacturers know how important it is to produce quality products. This material is extremely heavy and sturdy, so most items are a great investment. When you buy solid wood furniture, find out what type or species of wood it’s made of. The more you know about the different types of wood that are used, the easier it will be to choose pieces that have the look, feel, and quality you want. Sit on chairs and get a feel for how sturdy yet comfortable they are. Look closely at dining room tables to be sure that they’re heavy and designed in a way that complements the rest of your dining room.

Tips for Buying Solid Wood Furniture Online

If you’d rather shop virtually instead of going to an actual solid wood furniture store, it’s important to read all of the details about each item before you buy. As you look at solid wood furniture online, read the product descriptions carefully to determine the dimensions, construction or type of wood used, and finish. You might also be able to buy custom solid wood dining room furniture online. Simply look for products that are customizable, then choose among the available finishes and other details. Just make sure that you’re confident about what you’re buying if you are doing everything online.

Find a Reputable Retailer

As you look at solid wood furniture for sale, make sure you get it from a trusted retailer like Warehouse Showrooms. We specialize in this type of furniture and work closely with manufacturers who deal in creating excellent products for your dining room and beyond. Visit our solid wood furniture store in Alexandria to discover the perfect tables, chairs, benches, cabinets, and more that will give your dining room a gorgeous look and endless functionality into the future.

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5 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Dining Room

Posted on November 4th, 2020 by warehouseshowrooms

Your dining room is a place to gather, enjoy a meal, and make long-lasting memories. If it feels like this space is starting to become outdated, there are plenty of ways you can bring it into the new decade. Whether it’s a new table, updated lighting, or other changes, you can easily give this room a new lease on life. Read on for a list of five easy ways to modernize your dining room and be sure to visit our expansive dining room furniture store in Alexandria for some inspiration and ideas.

1. Start with a New Table

The table is the focal point of any dining room, so update it in a modern style with new dining room tables. Look for a table with tapered legs or one with a sleek, understated silhouette. Dining room tables with a trestle base or one in a contemporary finish will instantly modernize your dining room without having to make too much effort.

2. Try a Bench

Today’s modern household is more comfortable and less formal than in days past. To modernize your dining room, consider switching out some of your traditional dining room chairs with a comfortable bench. Dining benches are great for accommodating lots of guests and they also create a more casual, comfortable look and feel in the dining room.

3. Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting has a huge effect on how a room looks, so give your dining space an update with a new fixture. Switch old recessed can lights or builder-grade lighting with new, contemporary choices. A chandelier or pendant light with a unique shade will brighten up this space and give it that modern edge you’re looking for. Lighting is also a perfect way to highlight your dining room furniture and define the space.

4. Consider New Chair Styles

There’s nothing wrong with classic dining room chairs, but if you really want to modernize your dining room, a set of new chairs can make a major impact. Look for upholstered chairs or those with a mid-century modern inspired shape. Your dining room chairs don’t have to match perfectly. Feel free to mix up several different similar styles to give your dining room a modern, eclectic vibe. A parsons chair is a perfect combination of modern design paired with comfort thanks to its tall back, upholstered details, and an armless design.

5. Add Some Storage

Storage dining room furniture gives you the best of both worlds: unique style and functionality. Try a beautiful buffet with carved door fronts or a cabinet with clear glass door panels so you can show off your favorite décor. Dining room storage furniture makes displaying decorative items easy, and it’s also a perfect way to keep dinnerware, barware, and table linens together in one convenient place.

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How to Protect Your Solid Wood Dining Table

Posted on October 30th, 2020 by warehouseshowrooms

If you’re aiming to buy solid wood furniture for your home, it’s important to know how to keep it protected. This beautiful furniture is made to last, and its sturdy construction offers you a range of versatile items that will be enjoyed for years to come. As you shop for solid wood furniture online or in our showroom, make sure you know how to protect your solid wood dining table so that it becomes an heirloom piece you can pass down to future generations. Read on for some tips to ensure that your beautiful new dining table will look as good as new long into the future.

Practice Smart Habits

As you think about how to protect your solid wood dining table, the first thing to do is to implement habits that will keep it from getting scratched. Don’t toss your keys or other heavy, sharp objects onto the table. Avoid sliding objects across the table like dishes and glasses that have the potential to leave an ugly scratch behind. Treat your new table with gentle care to protect it from the damage that too much wear and tear can leave behind.

Keep it Out of the Sun

Most solid wood furniture manufacturers will mention that their products should be kept out of direct sunlight. When you’re considering how to protect your solid wood dining table, do your best to place it in a part of the home that’s away from a window. If you absolutely must put the table in a room near windows, use light-blocking curtains to filter the light. Sun exposure can cause solid wood furniture to warp, become discolored, and fade.

Avoid Contact with Water

Sitting a drink on a solid wood dining table can leave nasty water rings behind. Always cover your table with a tablecloth or encourage the use of coasters for any kind of beverage you drink. When you visit our solid wood furniture store, ask about the variety of finishes available. Some finishes contain additional protection against moisture that can prolong the life of your furniture. Placemats are also recommended for plate and dishware, and trivets should always be used underneath hot pans and other dishes to keep the wood from warping or the finish from bubbling.

Check Humidity Levels

Wood is a natural material that contracts and expands based on temperature and humidity. When you look for solid wood furniture for sale, make sure you’re able to keep your new dining table in a room with humidity levels of between 50 and 55 percent whenever possible. Too much humidity can cause your wood furniture to shrink or swell. This can result in an uneven surface or legs that are too short on one side. If you happen to live in a humid part of the country, just be mindful of the air in your home to ensure that your new table can handle the changes.

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How to Choose the Right Dining Room Table

Posted on October 7th, 2020 by warehouseshowrooms

Whether your family is large or small, it’s important to know how to choose the right dining room table for your needs. Our dining room furniture store in Northern VA has a myriad of options to choose from to provide you with the perfect table for meals and entertaining. Before you look for new dining room furniture, read on to discover how you can find the perfect table that fits your lifestyle.

Finding the Right Style and Material

When you think about how to choose the right dining room table, the material is important in terms of durability and looks. Wood dining room tables are sturdy and strong and give this space a warm, inviting look. Tables made of materials like glass or concrete can elevate this space and give it a modern touch. However, glass tabletops tend to show smudges and fingerprints much more easily than wood. Aside from the material, make sure you select a table that reflects your style. Whether it’s sleek and modern or industrial-farmhouse, your table should go with the rest of the furniture and décor in your home for a cohesive look.

Size is Important

If you have a small dining room, a round table is an excellent choice. Larger dining room tables in a rectangular shape are perfect for large families and for those who enjoy hosting dinner parties and holiday soirees. If you’re wondering how to choose the right dining room table for flexibility, consider an adjustable table. Leaves on the ends or a single leaf in the center can be expanded and contracted to suit your needs. This option will make life easier if you have to accommodate lots of guests but don’t really need a full-size table all year round. Most manufacturers will specify how many people your dining table can seat comfortably. Use this information to help you find the table that works in your home and for your family.


Size and shape are closely related in terms of functionality when it comes to selecting dining room tables. A rectangular table seats more people and makes it easy to use several dining room chairs on all four sides. If you have a tight space, consider benches on one side of your rectangular table to save room. Round dining room tables are perfect for eat-in kitchens and breakfast nooks. You can add more chairs around these tables as needed to accommodate more people. A square table typically only seats four people at most, so keep this in mind as you browse our dining room furniture store in Northern VA. Whether you need something chic and modern or warm and rustic, you’ll discover the perfect table for your home at our showroom and online, so come see us today!

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How to Create the Perfect Dining Room

Posted on July 9th, 2020 by warehouseshowrooms

The dining room is where delicious meals and wonderful memories are shared. If you’re wondering how to create the perfect dining room, it all begins with the furniture you choose. Whether it’s new dining room chairs or a stunning table, our dining room furniture store in Northern VA offers a vast selection of styles for every home. From stylish and comfortable chairs to sturdy tables, every item you bring into this space can transform the way it looks, feels, and functions.

Start with the Perfect Table

As you ponder how to create the perfect dining room, make sure the table is your centerpiece. Choose dining room tables that provide you with enough room to spread out, enjoy a meal, and socialize. If your dining room is on the smaller side, try an expandable table. These dining room tables include “leaves” or extensions on the ends or in the center that allow you to increase and decrease the size as needed. Make sure your table is sturdy and features the shape and finish you love. Whether it’s rectangular or round, the table will anchor the room and create a place to gather.

Enhance the Experience with the Right Chairs

Your dining room chairs should be comfortable, but they should also express your personal style. Explore our dining room furniture store in Northern VA to discover a myriad of stunning chairs for this space. If you want a comfy place to sit down, consider upholstered dining room chairs with cushioning on the back and seat. Chairs made of solid wood will add a rustic, distinctive look and feel to this space. You can purchase a set of matching chairs or buy a few in different styles to create an eclectic look.

Get the Storage You Need

Knowing how to create the perfect dining room means you have the right functionality in this space. As you search for dining room furniture, consider a storage piece as part of your ensemble. Storage dining room furniture can be anything from a tall hutch or china cabinet to a low-profile server or buffet. This furniture includes drawers, shelves, or cabinets so you have a place to store your favorite dinnerware, linens, and more. With storage furniture in the dining room, you’ll have easy access to everything you need to set the table. A server is also a great way to add additional lighting to your dining room, such as a stylish table lamp.

Find the perfect pieces at our dining room furniture store in Northern VA. Whether it’s a brand-new table or a set of comfortable chairs, we carry a wide selection of incredible items for this special room in your home. Visit our showroom or go online to see what we have to offer your dining space today.

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