How to Furnish an Oversized Living Room

Posted on March 12th, 2021 by warehouseshowrooms

If you have a large living room or an open floor plan, furnishing this part of your home can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are ways you can fill this space and make it warm, inviting, and beautiful with just a few simple design techniques. Visit our living room furniture store in Springfield for some inspiration to help you get started. It’s easy to learn how to furnish an oversized living room, so read on to find out more about how to style a larger space.

Create Separate Zones

As you think about how to furnish an oversized living room, consider separating the space into different zones. For example, place a few living room chairs around a coffee table to create a comfortable conversation area. Another part of the room can be designated as a workspace with a roomy desk and comfortable office chair. Use area rugs to help “break up” the space and make it easier to visualize each separate area and what it will be used for. Move your sofa away from the wall and add a console table behind it to help fill in excess floor space.

Use Larger Furniture

If your living room is big, it’s wise to bring in larger-scale furniture to fill in empty, vast areas. Large sectionals and overstuffed sofas will help give a large room a cozier, more intimate feeling. The larger your living room furniture is, the easier it will be to make this part of your home feel inviting and less cold. Consider sectionals to anchor the room and serve as the central focal point. You can easily arrange smaller pieces around it while still enjoying a comfortable space. Add oversized accents like large, tall floor lamps or a full-size indoor tree placed in a big ceramic planter.

Incorporate Lots of Layers

Soft, fluffy area rugs, throw blankets, and accent pillows can do wonders for larger living rooms. Add these textures and colors to your living room furniture to give it a warm, rich aesthetic. If you want to know how to furnish an oversized living room using textures and fabrics, don’t forget to include window coverings. A nice pair of velvet curtains that go from the ceiling to the floor can instantly make large living rooms feel more intimate and much cozier. Get creative and add some architectural details to the room, like pillars or ceiling beams that will divide up the room.

Color Matters

You can use color to help make your large living room feel less expansive. Add some wainscoting to the walls, then paint a different color above it for a two-toned look. Paint your ceiling a few shades darker than the walls to give the living area a cozy feel. Paneling or a feature wall can also help you give large living rooms a much more intimate vibe.