Rowe Living Room Townsend Sofa K620K-000 at Warehouse Showrooms

The ROWE Living Room Townsend Sofa Sofas is available at Warehouse Showrooms. We Service Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and Washington DC area from Warehouse Showrooms.

Brand: Rowe

Availability: Please Call for Availability

Height: 36"
Depth: 37"
Length: 89"
Seat Height: 20"
Seat Depth: 22"
Arm Height: 25"
Inside Width: 79"
Availability: Please Call for Availability
SKU: K620K-000
Category: Living Room
Type: Sofas,
SALES & SERVICE: 703-256-2497

Townsend Sofa

Height 36"
Depth 37"
Length 89"
Seat Height 20"
Seat Depth 22"
Arm Height 25"
Inside Width 79"
Availability Please Call for Availability
SKU K620K-000
Category Living Room