Country Value Woodworks

A passion for excellent service guided by enduring values. In Lancaster’s fertile lands this passion for delivering excellent value was planted in the heart of a young farm boy. An equally fertile culture based on enduring principles and serving with integrity, brought to fruition the life behind the Country Classic Collection. This seed so carefully nurtured in obscurity, sprang to life in 1990. That’s when the young boy, Elam Esh became intrigued with the art of woodcraft in a neighbor’s woodworking shop. In his scant spare time, after assisting his father with the seemingly endless hard work on the farm, he started studying furniture journals. Before long he was providing his craftsmanship full time for a few valued friends, in a barn on his father’s farm. Listening to his first client and longtime friend Jim Sparrow’s suggestions caused demand for his skill to grow like “corn in July”. The tables turned and soon Dad and then other family members were assisting with the seemingly endless requests for his well-crafted products. This passion for seeking to understand people’s true needs allowed his rapidly expanding network to share how trade winds were bringing significant changes to the market place. Needs were shifting from lots of product in limited options to Craftsmen that could continuously “deliver outstanding value relevant to their current needs”. This meant a dramatic pivot from large inventories of product in limited species and color (China’s specialty) to providing species, color, hardware and even dimensional customization on a scale never seen before. 2011 saw these shifts in perspective “bring the seed to fruition”. After months of disciplined steps leading up to the birth of a better way to serve, product began being strictly built to order. Every piece is now crafted individually with choice of species, color and decorative hardware along with various other options. And finally, guided by the needs of his clients came the best part of all…. the possibility for you to make dimensional customizations on every item in the collection! Regardless of the changes tomorrow may bring, providing “Customer-centered service guided by Christian values” will always deliver solutions that help you be a champion.